Why Hemp Linen?

Why Hemp Linen?

Recently becoming legalised for use in food, hemp has been a hot topic of debate in Australia. But, hemp isn’t only just for cooking. Hemp products have been widely used throughout history, providing cultures across the world with a sustainable, useful and durable material.

As the stigma around hemp disappears, environmental benefits are becoming clear to consumers looking for sustainable, practical and high quality products. At Hemp Gallery, we’re bringing the magic of hemp to Australian homes. Designing and crafting quality hemp bed sheets and linen, we’re injecting an affordable and sustainable alternative into the industry.

So, what’s so good about hemp sheets?


Thanks to its natural properties, hemp sheets offer superior temperature control to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Breathable, moisture wicking and comfortable, odours are dispelled through the natural fibres to keep your linen feeling fresh. Due to its natural hollow core fibre, hemp is both breathable while also acting as a natural insulator. Often, hemp is considered comparable to wool but without the scratchiness.

For a more hygienic, breathable and natural bedding solution, try hemp sheets.


If you suffer irritation from allergens present in materials and fibres commonly used for bedding, hemp could provide you with some welcome relief. Allergy friendly, hemp is both antibacterial and antiviral to keep allergies at bay. Grown and processed with minimal use and interference of chemicals or pesticides, hemp sheets offer a comfortable, long-term bedding solution for individuals suffering from allergies. Gentle and hygienic, hemp is ideal for people with asthma and sensitivities as well as children.


The production of bedding and linen generally requires the use of excessive resources, labour and processes. Unlike standard bedding fabrics, hemp is fast growing, requires minimal water and needs little or no chemicals or pesticides in growing or processing. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers and those looking to minimise their environmental impact, hemp sheets last longer than standard fibres and can even be recycled.

Plus, hemp plants actually help to improve the quality of soil and can prevent erosion and runoff in many areas.


When exploring alternative fibres for bedding and linen, many consumers are hesitant about comfort and softness. A rough and scratchy bed is useless - even if it’s eco-friendly and hygienic.

Luckily, hemp sheets offer a soft and comfortable solution for bedding and linen. Although they immediately aren’t as luxurious as cotton sheets, hemp sheets become softer over time as they give way to frequent use.

Bed sheets and linen crafted from hemp and cotton blend offer a soft and durable happy medium between two of nature’s best natural fibres.


Try out hemp sheets for yourself. At Hemp Gallery, we design and craft an extensive range of luxurious hemp sheets and products for use in the home and in the kitchen.

Explore our full range of hemp sheets and linen online to discover more sustainable, hygienic and comfortable bedding.

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