5 Ways to add Hemp Seeds to Breakfast

5 Ways to add Hemp Seeds to Breakfast

A powerful, nutrient-packed ingredient, hemp seeds offer an instant boost to your health. Filled with nutrients, protein and essential omegas and fatty acids, add hemp seeds to your breakfast to start your day off right. With a pleasant nutty flavour and versatile texture, hemp seeds make for the perfect ingredient to supercharge your breakfast.

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Hulled hemp seeds or hemp powder can be added to smoothies of all consistencies for easy consumption and digestion. As hemp powder can sometimes have a slightly bitter taste, we find that adding it to a fruit smoothie offers an enjoyable flavour balance.


Perfect for breakfast, ingredients of our banana hemp smoothie include plant-based or dairy milk, banana, hemp seeds or powder, cinnamon and peanut butter for some extra creaminess. Simply blend until smooth and you’ve got yourself a delicious and filling smoothie!


Adding hemp seeds to banana bread or muffin is a great way to include them in your diet without even realising. Simply combine your favourite banana bread recipe with two tablespoons of natural peanut butter and half a cup of hulled hemp seeds. Then, bake away! If you’re looking for an even healthier alternative, swap the sugar in your recipe for two tablespoons of maple syrup, or natural sweetener.


Oatmeal is one of the most filling and satisfying breakfasts. Ideal for filling your body with nutrients and fibre, oatmeal is a no-brainer when it comes to a healthy start. Try adding plant-based milk, hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds, honey or maple syrup, strawberries, slivered almonds and flaxseed meal into your oats for an impressive cafe-style twist.


Prefer toast for breakfast? Instead of just having vegemite, butter or a simple topping, add hemp seeds for a protein and nutrient boost. Simply make your toast as normal, top it with the spread of your choice and finish it off with a sprinkle of hemp seeds. Our favourite toppings are avocado and tomato, cottage cheese, feta, mashed chickpeas and anything else that fills you up for the day.


Did you know that you could make your own butter with hemp seeds? By using hulled hemp seeds, refined or hemp oil, salt and a sweetener of your choice, you can create a delicious, creamy and nutty butter.

Blend the seeds and salt together, add the oil bit by bit then stir in your sweetener to taste once you’ve reached your desired consistency. Now, just spread your hemp butter on toast or a bagel and you’ve got a delicious, protein-packed breakfast.


With a range of benefits for your body, immune system and skin, hemp seeds are a simple and effective way to fill up on nutrients at breakfast.

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