Wholesaling Hemp Products

Wholesaling Hemp Products

Hemp Gallery stocks a wide range of innovative hemp products and supplies for the home, kitchen and body. As each of our products are available for wholesale, retailers, traders and clients within the industry gain access to a wealth of quality craftsmanship and premium hemp products.

Our hemp products are frequently purchased by retailers, market stall owners, co-ops, stylists, interior designers, fashion designers and a wide range of other traders looking for quality hemp goods.

With no minimum order and flat rate shipping across all purchases, buying wholesale from Hemp Gallery is simple and straightforward. Find hemp seeds and oil, hemp sheets and bed linen and hemp eco fabrics for wholesale across Australia and New Zealand.


hga linen from Hemp Gallery Australia

Durable, high quality and hygienic, hemp sheets and bed linen are quickly rising in popularity. Able to be produced with reduced reliance on resources and minimal processing methods, hemp sheets are an eco-friendly and long-lasting alternative to traditional bed linen.

At Hemp Gallery, we craft an extensive range of high quality Australian-made hemp and cotton blend sheets able for wholesale supply. Our range includes Hemp Gallery and Kärter & Stark product lines. Soft, luxurious and more durable than standard polyester or cotton sheets, hemp blends provide ongoing value and functionality. Learn more about the perks of using hemp sheets.


Supplying an extensive range of high quality hemp seeds, powders and oils in various amounts, we’re able to equip your business with a range of hemp products. Used in beauty, food, skincare and wellness, hemp has an almost infinite variety of applications in the home. Include hemp products as part of your product range to offer consumers an exciting and high quality alternative. We’re also able to provide restaurants, cafes and other hospitality businesses with high quality hemp seeds and oils for use in food preparation.

Plus, for simplicity and added peace of mind, we offer flat rate shipping regardless of the quantity of products ordered.


Incredibly durable and hygienic, hemp has become an in-demand fabric for both upholstery and clothing. Stocking a wide range of hemp fabrics in heavy weight, knit, light weight and medium weight, finding the right fabric for your project is simple. To help you make the right decision, we’re able to offer a variety of samples to give you more insight into how our hemp fabrics feel and behave.


Rapidly rising in popularity, more consumers are exploring the uses and benefits of hemp. From bed sheets and linen to hemp oil in replacement moisturiser, hemp offers an endless amount of versatile applications to consumers.

Thinking of stocking hemp? Explore the range of products available at Hemp Gallery. With flat rate shipping across Australia and New Zealand, we make it simple to stock high quality hemp sheets, hemp oils, seeds and powders and hemp fabrics in your store.


Join a community of passionate retailers and traders looking to revolutionise how we think of and use hemp. Contact us today.

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