4 Benefits of Hemp Bed Linen

4 Benefits of Hemp Bed Linen

When you think about natural fibres, everyone always thinks of cotton and wool. Another natural fibre that has been around for millennia and is a strong performing natural fibre, is hemp. 

Hemp is slowly coming to the forefront of people's minds through its association with foods and medicinal properties. Although it's cultivation is often associated with marijuana, the truth is, hemp is an incredibly versatile fibre and can be utilised to create everything from textiles, plastics, cosmetics and more. We can also apply hemp in the manufacturing of paper, biofuels and construction. As if that wasn't enough, hemp can also be sued to eliminate pollution of the soil. More about that here

We could talk for days about the amazing capabilities of hemp and where it can be utilised but today we will focus on the benefits of hemp bed linen. 

The Comeback of Hemp Fabric

Today, more than ever, consumers are looking for sustainable, practical, and high-quality products and become more committed to making ethical, environmentally friendly choices. It’s necessary to be more responsible and aware of the changes we must make towards a better world. So, as the stigma around hemp starts to disappear, it has become clear that we can’t ignore all the environmental benefits that this plant can offer.

But after all, what is hemp? It is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species with low levels of intoxicants (THC). Plus, it has been widely used throughout history, providing cultures across the world with this sustainable, useful, and durable material. There are a few samples from China dating from 8,000 BC, and even sailors in the times of the discoveries relied on the strength of hemp to build ropes, cordage, and sails. Plus, it has been used to make textiles for thousands of years including the wraps for Egyptian Mummies, as well as canvases for some of the most well known artists like Gainsborough and Van Gogh. 

Benefits of Hemp Linen

Temperature Control

One of the main features of hemp is the fact that this plant is naturally thermoregulating! This fabric naturally cools and absorbs moisture. So, it’s perfect for hot and humid climates, especially if you usually sweat during the night. And the best part? It keeps you warm in colder months! It really is the best of both worlds. 

Hemp bed linen is able to manage your body temperature in different seasons. So you're able to use your sheets all year around. Hemp bed linen is also hygienic, anti-bacterial and breathable meaning if you sweat during the evening, not only will your hemp bed linen cool you down, but your sweat will not stain or make your bed smell. Your bed will stay fresher for longer and you can go longer between washes.


Hemp is naturally anti-bacterial as well as being allergy-friendly and antiviral. To grow hemp takes little to none chemicals. The manufacturing process also has little to none chemicals. Meaning there is less chemical reactions, it's non-toxic and attracts few natural allergens and irritants like bacteria, fungi and dust mites. 

Hemp is ideal for people with asthma, skin sensitivities and allergies and especially for children during their developmental stages. 


Hemp is the more eco-friendly and natural fibre you can get. This means it's ideal for every eco-conscious consumer that is looking to minimise their environmental impact. Growing hemp only requires about 1/3 of land and 1/20 of water, compared to cotton (both standard and organic), making irrigation needless in most cases. Both the carbon footprint and the water footprint of hemp textiles is much smaller than for other natural textiles. 

Hemp bed linen (and fabrics) last longer than standard fibres and is a 15-20 year investment for your sleep. The elastic on the fitted sheet will break before the sheets (if and when your elastic needs to be replaced, Hemp Gallery does this free of charge for you!). After 20 years when your hemp bed linen is threadbare, you can recycle and compost them. They are biodegradable and will break down over time.


Considering you spend 1/3 of your life asleep and in bed, it's important to find something soft, comfortable and luxurious. Our hemp bed linen have been softened with fruit enzymes, which is an environmentally friendly way of softening, in comparison with mechanical softening processes. 

Hemp, as a natural fibre, also becomes softer and softer with every wash to ensure you get that lived in luxury effect when sinking into your bed every day. Additionally, your hemp bed linen won't lose it's shape throughout its life and doesn't wear out. It's quite the opposite!

Hemp overall is a soft, long lasting and sustainable fabric. It's a natural decision to choose hemp for it's benefits and as a natural fibre for your bed linen. All of our Hemp Gallery Bed Linen is made in Australia, ensuring you are supporting the Australian economy and local small businesses.

It's time to make more conscious purchases and choose fabrics that have a positive impact on the planet. 

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