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Hemp Organic Cotton Sheet Set

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Crafted from beautiful hemp and organic cotton, Hemp Bed Linen is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. Hemp Bed Linen gives years of wear while its breathing ability, antibacterial and antiviral properties help promote good sleep, health and wellbeing.

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Superior quality

Comes packaged in reusable hemp linen bag

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Luxurious, breathable and Australian made.

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Hemp Gallery Australian Made Bed Linen Homostasis Retreats Tambourine Mountain

Our products are

Durable, breathable and anti-bacterial

A non-toxic option for all humans, animals and surroundings.

Hemp Gallery Australia Australian Made Hemp Bed Linen

Our products are

Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

It's better to give than recieve, so we ensure our products give back to the earth.

Stylish and Elegant bed linen to match every taste

Whether you're simply looking for the basics, or aiming to revive and restyle your bedroom decor, our extensive range of natural hemp designer bed linen will help you find your style. From timeless white designs to gorgeous natural tones and exclusive prints, our bed linen is designed with variety and versatility in mind to ensure we cater to every taste. Shop our premium range of bed linen online or in store.

Essential bedding and bed linen

For the perfect bed, you first need to tick a few essential boxes before you can move on to styling. Assuming you've already got your mattress, start with the bedding basics to form a solid foundation for a comfortable bed. This includes a quality mattress topper and pillows.

Once you've selected your bedding basics, it's time to move on to linen. This includes a bed hemp sheet set (including a flat sheet, fitted sheet and standard pillowcases), a quilt cover for your quilt or duvet, a blanket if you require extra warmth and depending on your comfort preferences.

Adding those Finishing Touches

Once your bed linen is selected, you can add any final touches for that styling flair and a complete bedroom look. Start with adding a cushion and throw, and perhaps European pillows and pillowcases to make your bed look super soft and snuggly.

Now that your bedding and bed linen is sorted, tie together your style with additional bedroom accessories, from vases and pots to gorgeous wall art.

Why quality bed linen matters

Comfort and temperature regulation are key for getting good night's sleep. Just like a good mattress or pillow, a great quality hemp bed sheet set or quilt cover set can be the difference between sleeping through the night or finding yourself tossing and turning.

To ensure you're as well rested as possible, consider what materials you are selecting and the impact they might have. For example, if you find yourself getting cold overnight, switching from a cotton sheet set to a hemp and cotton, or pure hemp sheet set will help you regulate your body temperature and stay warm all night.

Create a Beautiful and Comfortable Bed with our Quilt Cover Collection

Our range of quilt covers spans across a variety of sizes, styles, colours and materials, allowing you to protect your quilts while creating your own unique bedroom style. Our most popular quilt cover fabrics include effortlessly relaxed pure hemp and soft and versatile hemp and organic cotton.

Our quilt covers are available in single, king single, double, queen and king. We are able to make super king on request.

Bed Sheets Designed to Last

Like our quilt covers, our sheet sets also vary in colour and material composition. Arguably the most essential of our bedding sets, our sheet sets include a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two standard pillowcases (one standard pillowcase for single and king single sheet sets). They are available in luxury pure hemp or hemp and organic cotton varieties. Sizing includes single, king single, double, queen, king and super king by special request.

Pillowcases to Match

A pillowcase is essential for protecting your pillow and adding comfort as you sleep. Each of our sheet sets comes with two standard pillowcases included. If you are looking for a European or king size pillowcase, these can also be purchased separately.