This Is Exactly How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (Without Getting Tangled)

This Is Exactly How to Fold a Fitted Sheet (Without Getting Tangled)

The seemingly impossible task is easier than you might think.

Are fitted sheets the bain of your existence? Between struggling to fit them to our beds (combat this with ultra-soft and durable designs like our fitted sheets) and folding them neatly for storage, they can be frustrating to say the least. The age-old question of 'How do you fold a fitted sheet?' has plagued most of us from the age we started making our beds. It seems like an unnecessarily complicated task that many of us have given up trying to perfect and have resorted to just scrunching it up or rolling it into a ball and hiding it in our linen cupboards.

If between your perfectly folded pillowcases and quilt covers lies a collection of fitted sheets that have been wrangled desperately to resemble the rest of your symmetrical linen stacks, now's the perfect time to learn how to fold them properly (and quickly). 

Trying to make sense of the curved corners and stretchy elastic can baffle the best of us, but we're here to show you how easy it is to fold a sheet of the fitted variety in just a few simple steps.

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