9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

9 Easy Ways to Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

There’s no other room in your house you spend more time in. Yes, we’re talking about your bedroom. While it might double as a dumping ground for your clothes, or a second office, your bedroom can actually have a huge impact on your quality of sleep. To ensure you’re getting the best quality snooze possible, consider these tips for transforming your bedroom into the cosy sleep sanctuary you deserve.

Get the foundations right
Look, mattresses are an expensive purchase. We get it. But investing in a quality bed will pay dividends sleep-wise (and the cost-per-use ratio will get to $0 in no time). Not convinced?

A 2009 study by Oklahoma State University found that the quality of your mattress may have a direct link to whether you’re getting quality shut-eye or not. A group of 59 people had their sleep patterns tracked on their own mattresses and on new, quality mattresses. After one month, they found that the participant’s sleep on their new beds was greatly improved and they showed lower signs of stress, too. See what we mean now?

Refresh your bed linen
Still putting up with that scratchy bed set that’s about as inviting as a bunk bed in a budget hostel? It’s time to upgrade to bed linen that’s not only going to add a chic aesthetic to your room, but is high quality, too.

People are making the switch to pure, 100% Hemp bedding — especially in Australia — as it’s the ultimate trans-seasonal bedding solution. This clever, high quality natural material helps to regulate your body temperature, which means it’ll keep you warm in winter and cool in the summer. It’s durable, anti-bacterial and becomes softer the more it’s washed; plus it’s a totally natural fibre, known for it’s breathability and ultra-softness. Not only does hemp bed linen feel super comfy, it’ll make your bed look straight out of a Pinterest inspiration board with zero effort on your part. Sold.

Layer away
Nothing says cosy and inviting like a plush throw blanket draped across the end of your bed or some extra pillows (yes, not just the ones you sleep on) scattered on your bed. Yes, it’ll make your entire bedroom feel super comfy but it’ll also make it look a like a spread in Vogue Living, too, which is never a bad thing, right?

Ditch your devices
“I’ll just check Instagram one last time before bed,” you say before getting sucked into a three-hour social media vortex. Make a concerted effort to put your devices down before bed. Better still, put your phone on flight mode so you’re not distracted by the enticing ping of notifications when you’re trying to wind down. Plus, the screen light from your phone suppresses the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, so you’ll get a better night of shut-eye without seeing what your third cousin is up to on Facebook.

Sleep-proof your colour palette
Yes, the colour you paint on your walls can impact the way you feel when you’re in your bedroom. Sticking to airy whites, soft greys, subtle blues and neutral palettes will create a relaxing space that is conducive to sleep and will change your mood every time you step in the door.

No more cat napping
Sleep with your four-legged companion in your room, or in bed with you? It pains us to say this, but you might want to change that if you value your sleep. Around 30 percent of people who share their bed with their pets report waking up because of them at least once a night. Plus, 63 percent of pet owners who sleep with their furry friends over four nights a week have poor sleep quality.

Mix old and new
When it comes to creating a beautiful bedroom sanctuary, a little balance is key. Rather than opting for just sleek, modern furniture and finishings over classic pieces, be bold and mix the two. It’ll keep your space feeling cosy, fresh and inviting all at once. Your grandma’s antique bedside tables can’t live in storage forever, right?

Experiment with texture
Sure, we’ve stripped back your bedroom’s wall colour to peaceful neutrals but when it comes to accessories, you have our full permission to play with colour and texture. From a wallpapered feature wall to colourful lamp stands and dreamy curtains, let the small details in your room share your unique aesthetic.

Don’t work it
When you’re in the office you’re alert, switched on and your brain is ready to go. So why would it be any different when you’re at home? Put a blanket ban on tapping away on your laptop answering emails when you’re in your bedroom and falling asleep will be way easier. Plus, who wants to think of their boss the moment before they go to sleep? No thank you.

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9 easy ways to transform your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary

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