5 Hemp Clothing Sewing Projects for Winter

5 Hemp Clothing Sewing Projects for Winter

Looking for eco-friendly fashion choices? If you practice sustainable living and love making clothes, we offer high quality hemp fabric in Australia for the local and international market that your inner designer will adore.


Why sew with hemp?

Hemp fabric gives new meaning to long-lasting fashion, thanks to strong fibres. Pieces made now can be worn this Autumn/Winter, the following Spring/Summer, and every year thereafter. Hemp clothing embodies eco-conscious transeasonal style.


Hemp fabric feels wonderful on the skin, protects against UV rays, and is extremely breathable. Our fabric range comes from premium organically grown hemp and cotton, and our products are free of exposure to harmful pesticides or toxic dyes.


Though we carry premade Fairtrade hemp clothing, we understand our clients love to sew. Below are popular winter wardrobe items you can create using our Hemp Fabric Range — but when it to comes to this versatile natural fabric, imagination is the limit.


Hemp and hemp blend


Our ethically sourced hemp fabrics include both hemp fabric, and hemp blend fabrics featuring organic cotton, silk, knit, spandex, wool including buckwheat pillow. A diverse range of quality selections that will result in high performing wardrobe essentials.


We divide our hemp fabrics into five categories for your convenience: Sheer, Light Weight, Medium Weight, Heavy Weight, and Knit. Uncertain of the best selection for your sewing project? Let us know so we can help you make an informed decision.


Beanie or Head Scarf


Beanies are a popular accessory on chilly days, and we offer an array of subtle yet fashionable fabric patterns with stretch capabilities. For everyday head scarfs, hemp fabric has a beautiful drape, and is comfortably wearable.




A throw-on winter item, ponchos match most ensembles and offer an extra layer of warmth when the temperature falls. In terms of fashion aesthetic, the general cut and design of a poncho allows for the texture of hemp fabric to be appreciated.


Jumper or Sweatshirt


Hemp fabric is the perfect choice for wardobe staples like jumpers and sweatshirts, being both absorbent and antibacterial. Hemp softens increasingly with wear so warm clothes become even more snuggly over time.




Blended hemp fabrics are a stellar option for leggings, due to combined breathability and stretch. The natural thermoregulation of hemp means you won’t be prone to overheating in your new leggings.




Hemp canine fashion is great for pets who need protection against the cold. The durability also suits dogs with an active life. As a fabric choice for sensitive skin, hemp may suit pets who react to irritants.


The sustainable choice


In a world of throwaway fashion, hemp fabric allows eco-conscious consumers to feel comfortable with their choice, both physically and ethically. Hemp’s low carbon footprint makes hemp fabric a preferred material for sustainable living.


From an environmental perspective, hemp plants are renowned for delivering nutrients into soil, require less water than most competitors (hemp is a profitable crop for drought-stricken Australian farmers), and help limit soil erosion.


Our range


We’re committed to the growing popularity of hemp fabric in Australia, on a wholesale and retail level. As the industry grows in leaps and bounds, it’s wonderful to see more people choosing hemp for their everyday lifestyle needs.


By offering the Australian Hemp Gallery Hemp Fabric Range, our goal is to make hemp and hemp blend fabrics readily accessible including shower curtains. Please take the time to read the care instructions for your chosen hemp fabric, to ensure longevity.

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