8 Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Bed Like an Expert

8 Simple Steps to Making the Perfect Bed Like an Expert

Create that five-star hotel feel so you (and your guests) can sleep like royalty.

Do you know that feeling of slipping into an ultra-plush bed at a five-star hotel? It’s like you’re falling into a bed of clouds and all your worries are instantly whisked away.

Well, recreating this exact feeling at home isn’t impossible if you know exactly how to make a bed properly. There are a few tricks of the trade when it comes to the anatomy of a well-made bed but if you’ve got yourself a set of quality bed sheets like ones made from 100% pure hemp linen, then you’re already a step ahead (if not, here are seven of the biggest reasons to invest in linen sheets if you’re after a quality snooze, night after night).

So, whether you’re chasing that luxurious hotel feel for yourself or you’re wanting to impress your guests, here’s your complete guide to creating the perfect bed like a professional so every night you (and your visitors) can feel like royalty. 

What You Need

A mattress protector

As the name suggests, a mattress protector encases the mattress to protect it. A high-quality one can also provide protection to the person sleeping on the mattress from allergens and irritants like bed bugs, mould, dead skin and dust mites.

A fitted sheet

Also known as the bottom sheet, the fitted sheet is the one with a stretchy elastic band sewed into the seam of the sheet material, which is designed to be pulled over a mattress to ensure a snug fit.

A flat sheet

Ah yes, the great flat sheet debate – to use or not to use? Well, because you’re after that luxurious feel, we recommend using one. The flat sheet, also known as the top sheet, is designed to be placed between the sleeping person and the quilt. Because it’s a simple rectangular piece of material, it can be used as your bottom sheet if you don’t mind having to tuck the corners in. On balmy summer nights, you can simply replace your quilt with a flat sheet, or in winter they provide an extra layer of much-needed warmth.

A quilt

The quilt is like a large flat pillow designed to span the expanse of the bed. If you’re after that Pinterest look, it’s recommended to size up a duvet size so it elegantly drapes off the edges.

A quilt cover

The duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase for your duvet.


For any bed bigger than a single or twin size, you need at least four standard pillows or two standard pillows and two European pillows. Twin and single beds can have two standard pillows or one standard and one European.


Pillowcases are an essential to cover your pillows. We recommend selecting two different colours of pillowcase sets - for example, if you’re after a minimal look, select Snow for your two standard pillowcases and Rye for your two European pillowcases. 


A valance

A valance is designed to fit over your bed base and fall gently to the floor. It’s the perfect solution to dress up a plain bed frame and hide everything you might be storing underneath your bed. Choose a contrasting valance to create an eye-catching combination, opt for a neutral shade that goes with anything, or go for a singular shade throughout – from pillows to valance – for maximum colour impact.

A throw

Draped over the duvet cover as decoration, used as an extra layer of warmth during the cooler months or a substitute for a duvet in the warmer months, a heavy-weight throw adds a touch of luxury to a bed.

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Bed Like an Expert

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