Hemp Gallery Why You Should Own a Hemp Baby Blanket (8 Big Reasons)

Why You Should Own a Hemp Baby Blanket (8 Big Reasons)

Ensuring your baby is nicely wrapped up in a blanket when they need it most is important when they’re trying to nap or it’s getting a bit chilly. While most parents will opt for the traditional cotton blankets, hemp baby wraps, hemp baby blankets as well as bamboo baby blankets, have a lot of fantastic benefits that should encourage you to make a change for your baby.

So, why should you own a hemp baby blanket? Hemp baby blankets are naturally biodegradable, soft, durable, antimicrobial, breathable, insulating, abrasion-resistant, water-absorbent, and require zero fertilisers or pesticides when being produced. As opposed to cotton, hemp baby blankets are eco-friendly and safe.

Hemp is an incredible fabric that’s flipped the world of clothing on its head. Over the years, it’s become more common to find hemp-based products due to hemp being an incredibly eco-friendly plant that can be used as bed linen, fabric, skincare, soaps, bioplastics, food, and drinks. When it comes to hemp baby blankets, there are several benefits that you should know before getting your own.
8 Benefits of Owning a Hemp Baby Blanket
Hemp baby wraps and blankets are an excellent alternative to more traditional baby blanket fabrics, such as cotton and polyester. The unfortunate reality is that these traditional fabrics are not eco-friendly when being produced and often when being disposed of. Not only that, but they can also have a shorter lifespan due to their lack of strength and durability.
Thankfully, hemp baby blankets are much higher quality than these traditional baby blankets. On top of that, they boast a number of advantageous benefits that’ll improve the quality of your baby’s lifestyle as well as your own.


1. Naturally Biodegradable

One of the most important qualities an eco-friendly product can have is being naturally biodegradable. By avoiding a long lifetime in a landfill, we help ensure a better future for our planet and thus our babies. Hemp baby blankets are 100% naturally biodegradable, so when it’s time to retire the blanket once and for all, you can do so in an eco-friendly way.

Naturally biodegradable products, like hemp baby blankets, are essential to a more sustainable future. When your hemp baby blanket gets to a point where it can’t be used anymore, you can feel good by easily recycling it or tossing it in the garbage. If your hemp baby blanket is made of 100% hemp, it can also be compostable!

2. Soft to the Touch

Keeping your baby comfortable when it’s time to rest, especially during nap time, can be a challenge at times. Unfortunately with cotton and other fabrics, it may start out soft but after several washes they can become harder and less comfortable for your baby. Hemp baby blankets are the exact opposite as they start out soft and stay that way.

An impressive quality that hemp fabric has over most other fabrics is that it not only retains its softness over time, it actually gets softer as it’s washed. With the hemp clothes and baby blankets I own, they actually feel much softer today than they did when I first purchased them. Also, you need less of a thread count compared to cotton and other fabrics to achieve the same softness, which can save you money in the long run.

3. Highly Durable

Let’s face it, babies and kids can go through clothes, toys, and everything else very quickly when it comes to damaging them beyond repair. That’s a part of their development and shouldn’t be suppressed, but the quality of materials we buy could be stronger so it’s less common we have to buy new products over and over again.

Hemp fabric is a highly durable solution over many other fabrics due to it being made out of tightly-woven, long fibres. When you own a hemp baby wraps and blankets, you’ll likely own it for quite a while as the material is extremely sturdy. This is not only good for the environment in terms of continuously reusing out existing products, but it’s also good for your pocketbook.

4. Naturally Antimicrobial

We’ve all experienced what it’s like to have to clean dirty, smelly clothes. Baby clothes are certainly no different, which is why we could use all the help we can get. Thankfully when it comes to hemp baby blankets, they’re naturally microbial, which means you won’t have to clean it as often as you normally clean other fabrics.

Hemp baby blankets are able to naturally smell good for longer while resisting any mould or mildew that could build up over time. Due to it being naturally antimicrobial, your hemp baby wraps and blanket and anything surrounding it will likely stay smelling fresh. This is not the case for cotton baby blankets, which can get dirty and smelly rather quickly.

5. Very Breathable and Insulating

Making sure your baby’s skin is getting enough air while keeping in as much warmth as possible while wrapped up in their blanket is key. Not many fabrics out there have this combination of qualities, which is why hemp baby blankets are truly in a class of their own. Whether it’s winter or summer, your baby will feel comfortable being comforted with their hemp baby blanket.

Hemp fabric is made out of a unique combination of cellulose fibres that naturally produce a breathable and well-insulated solution. This allows your baby to keep their natural body temperature while not overheating or overcooling them. I find this to be one of the best qualities, which is why I only buy hemp baby blankets.

6. Resistant to Abrasions and Other Damages

We know by now that hemp baby blankets are durable due to being made out of a tightly-woven set of long fibres. Well, this uniquely natural structure also allows it to be more resistant to abrasions and other damages that other materials wouldn’t be able to withstand. That means your hemp baby blanket will be able to withstand a beating.

Hemp fabric is very resistant to abrasions and other damages because it’s less amorphous than other fabrics. What this means is that hemp fabric is better at keeping its shape unlike cotton and similar fabrics. Just another reason why hemp baby blankets are a strong and durable solution for you and your baby!

7. Water Absorbent

It’s an all-too-familiar feeling when our skin gets a thin layer of sweat resulting in our skin sticking to our clothes and anything around us. Imagine what our babies go through when they get this feeling. Thankfully, hemp fabric is highly water absorbent resulting in fewer chances your baby’s skin will produce a layer of sweat.

I find the fact that hemp baby wraps and blankets, are highly water absorbent an easy sell for how effective it is at keeping babies comfortable and healthy. In fact, this quality has mostly to do with it being highly breathable and insulating, which makes owning a hemp baby blanket even more advantageous.

8. Requires Zero Fertilisers or Pesticides

An investment in our planet is an investment in our babies’ futures. One of the most responsible actions we can take as parents are to use eco-friendly products that ensure a vibrant future for our children. With eco-friendly materials such as hemp, this makes it a lot easier since hemp fabric has many positive benefits apart from it being eco-friendly.

One of the main eco-friendly benefits of owning a hemp baby wraps and blankets is that there’s zero need for fertilisers or pesticides during production. That sad truth about many traditional fabrics, including cotton and polyester, is that they require a huge amount of these toxic chemicals to produce. Keeping our soil and waterways safe from being exposed to these threats can be done by owning eco-friendly products and avoiding more traditional ones.

Is Hemp More Expensive Than Cotton?

Knowing the costs of hemp over more traditional fabrics, such as cotton, is important before setting out finding your next baby blanket or any other product. While financial cost certainly plays a big role in deciding which product you’ll purchase, it’s important to factor in the environmental cost as well.

In a financial sense, cotton is less expensive than hemp fabric mainly due to cotton being mass-produced at a scale far above that of hemp. Due to this, the cotton industry has had the opportunity to scale and improve their global economic output while hemp has had fewer opportunities. This, however, could change as hemp fabric has grown very quickly in popularity as of today.

While hemp baby wraps and blankets, are likely to be a little bit more expensive than their cotton-based rivals, the environmental cost is substantially less. The fact is that hemp is one of the most eco-friendly, renewable materials on the planet, so the more we’re able to switch out our fabric from cotton and harmful fabrics to hemp, the better our planet will be as well as the future of our babies.

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