Hemp Gallery Australia Hemp clothing - High on comfort,  especially for your babies

Hemp clothing - High on comfort, especially for your babies

When it comes to clothing for babies and kids, every parent puts a high bar on a child's comfort. 

Much like every child is unique, the fabric you select for babies should also be unique.

Babies have sensitive skin and are unable to regulate their temperatures, adding more challenges on the way. But what if we say that all these challenges can be eliminated by just opting for Hemp fabric? 

Of course, the main misconception against Hemp lies here: It's a drug, and kids might get high!                   

Hemp might get you high, but only on a comfort level, not the psychoactive kind. 

Hemp has a low THC content (less than 0.3%) and when it comes to Hemp fabrics, all traces of THC get washed away during the processing stage. 

So what makes Hemp so unique?

For starters, Hemp is super sustainable and eco-friendly. The hemp plant grows like a weed, eliminating the need for most pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides and thriving on less water than most crops. It even absorbs carbon dioxide and puts back nutrients into the soil!

But why would anyone choose Hemp over cotton, which is used extensively for kids' clothing? 

When it comes to your young ones, Hemp is highly healthy for your baby. Its anti-bacterial and porous nature makes it so breathable for your young ones that they would never fuss about wearing clothes again.

Hemp is the best of both worlds; it absorbs moisture and is odor-resistant making sure your baby remains cool even in summers. On the other hand, Hemp knits act as a good insulator during winters. Unique indeed, isn’t it? Wait, there's more. 

Its durability is such that after every wash, the fabric gets softer without breaking down the tensile strength of the fiber. Hemp also provides your baby with UV protection.

It's the most skin-friendly fabric ever. So you never have to worry about your kids getting rashes now. 

All things considered, Hemp is conscious about your baby as well as nature.

And what's the best way of teaching your child the importance of the environment if not now?

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