We're Obsessed With These 9 Local Australian Artists

We're Obsessed With These 9 Local Australian Artists

Australia has no shortage of talented residents, and we're proud of the incredibly long list of artists and artisans that we share this great land with.

Whether it's abstract expressions of human form or still life scenarios, we love to see the work of new and exciting artists come across our social feeds and in the magazines we read. 

These are the 9 local Australian artists we're obsessed with right now.

Kayleigh Heydon

With warm reds, ochres and peachy-hues, Kayleigh's work never fails to blow our minds. With a focus on movement and energy, her paintings are instantly recognisable and are highly-sought after for keen art enthusiasts looking to add depth and character to their home.


Claudia Miranda

Claudia's line works are at the top of our wishlist right now. Her use of pastel tones and expressive faces make her work timeless and supremely modern at the same time.


Stephen Baker

In what has come to be known as his own distinct style, Stephen's works are full of energy and personality. We love the strong lines that punctuate each of his expressive figures that give a contemporary pop art vibe.


Amanda Schunker

One of our favourite artists is Amanda Schunker—a Melbourne artist whose deep colour palettes and moody scenes are captivating, to say the least. We wouldn't mind a piece in every room.


Ash Holmes

Beachy, feminine and completely jaw-dropping, Ash's mixed-media masterpieces have been catching our eye ever since we first laid eyes on her work. The abstract works are open to interpretation and are so intriguing you'll find yourself staring for hours on end to uncover every detail.


Caroline Walls

With equal parts minimalist lines and monochrome tones, Caroline's fluid and feminine forms have made her one of the most loved artists in the country right now. Like a handmade ceramic piece, Caroline's art is curvaceous, organic and handcrafted.


Amber Kingi

Amber's quirky figures bring a smile to our dials every time we see her work in person or on our Insta feed. Her muted-yet-vibrant palette brings life to her paintings that are filled with joyful people, fruit and often red wine, which we love.


Emma Currie

One of the most exciting emerging artist right now is Emma Currie, whose perfectly-painted female figures in warm neutrals are perfect for any blank wall. Every one of her individual pieces conveys meaning and depth, and the recurring tones used will suit any style or space.


Esther Eckley

Esther's still life oil paintings are, put simply, stunning. Completely cohesive and balanced, her body of work is an ode to pastels and the simple things in life—a pot of coffee or a freshly sliced orange. 


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