Just Moved In? These Are the Essential Items You Need to Make It Feel Like Home

Just Moved In? These Are the Essential Items You Need to Make It Feel Like Home

Moving house requires a lot of planning, preparation and effort and is a life event that most of us avoid doing too often. Ultimately though, circumstances change and relocation is inevitable, whether it's for a seachange or to be closer to family and friends. If you've just moved into a new place, let us help you turn it into your forever home by guiding you through the absolute essential items you'll need to create a cosy paradise that you're happy to show off on a Zoom call. Bonus points if you already have some of these.

Linen sheets

It's no surprise that this essential item tops our new home list—I credit my buttery-soft hemp bed linen for my consistent nights of restful sleep. Not only are they super-soft and beautiful to look at, but they also keep me cool in summer and warm in winter so I never wake up in the middle of the night reaching for the fan or an extra blanket.

A houseplant (or two)

Yes, it's an essential. The sight of an empty apartment can be a bit grim, but as soon as you start introducing signs of life, you'll begin to feel more at home in the space. The best way to do that is with big, leafy plants that bring in the outdoors and purify the air around you. Oh, it'll need a stylish pot or basket, too.

Quality towels

Until you've felt the difference of quality bath towels, you won't know what you're missing out on. To feel like you're always on holiday at home, upgrade your towels for that five-star hotel luxury feeling. Trust me, it's worth it.

Full-length mirror

In a lot of new apartments, your only mirror is located above your bathroom vanity which is hardly ideal for times when you want to see your entire outfit at a glance. A separate full-length mirror in your bedroom is perfect for not only checking yourself on the way out, but is also great for bouncing light around the room and acting as a decor piece as well.

The right rug

Not too small, not too big—the perfect area rug will make all the difference to your interior design scheme. If your new place has carpet that you're not so keen on, rugs are a great way to redirect attention away from the floor. They also add a cosy touch underfoot and help to define areas easily which is great for smaller, open-plan apartments.


Apart from natural light, lamps are my favourite way to introduce light in a way that's atmospheric and flattering. Overhead lighting has a bad reputation for hard shadows, but wall, floor and table lamps help to add soft, warm light into a room that's perfect for reading and even working from home. A ceramic creation will also create an eye-catching statement.


No home is complete without the finer details, and artwork is a personal statement that should fill you with joy every time you walk by. There is absolutely no rules when it comes to adding art to your interior, and photographic prints work just as well as hand painted canvases. It's all about working in colours, shapes and motifs into your place that resonate with you personally. If you're crafty, you could even whip up your own DIY works of art.

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