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Beatrice, Nicole & Angelique

Beatrice, Nicole & Angelique

In 2018 we are closer than we ever have been before for gender equality. We still have a LONG way to go, but we’re heading in the right direction. 

At Hemp Gallery Australia we are a company of women. Beatrice, Nicole and Angelique have each put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard rather) to showcase what it's like being a woman today.

Read on below…

Beatrice Kuyumgian Rankin of Hemp Gallery Australia

Being raised in Istanbul, my impressions of what it is to be a woman, was always of a nurturer, cook, sewer, cleaner, teacher of etiquette and traditions of the mixed cultures we grew up with. 

This was the same with our neighbours and friends whether they were Muslim, Jewish or Christian women. They were different times with different values. I suppose that's why I was arranged to be married, engaged just after my 16th birthday. Even back then my subservient Mum always instilled in me to have a 'profession you love and call your own', where you're not dependent on your husband for personal expenses and luxuries. This has always stayed with me and raising a daughter years later, interdependence was what I tried to pass on. 

We are lucky that we live in a place like Australia, where we can exercise independence and interdependence in the first place. 


Nicole Wiertlewski of Hemp Gallery Australia

Having grown up with positive female role models, I had gone through my schooling always knowing that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, regardless of my gender.

In my previous jobs I had very strong female influencers. When at Club 21, Christina Ong made waves in the fashion world starting her own company and building it to the empire it is today. With Apple, we had Tim Cook as the CEO, but Angela Ahrendts was more of a force to be reckoned with. Both women were icons in their industries and great role models. 

As many of our readers will know, Beatrice is my mother. It was with much deliberation that I came to work for Hemp Gallery as both Beatrice and I are Taureans and stubborn as anything. I was afraid that we would spend our days fighting each other, instead of The Man. 

Quite the opposite.

Day after day I’m impressed with Bea’s perseverance, head strong and willingness to push forward into the unknown future and of course her desire to better this world. 

Day after day I observe her on the phone, where her passion and drive is evident. She's always telling me how she's reached out to new customers, influencers, educators and investors. Everyday through Beatrice, another person is converted to the world that is hemp. 

Day after day I’m proud to call her my boss, my knowledge source and of course, my mother. 

Today on International Womens Day, I celebrate Beatrice and the women like her that want to better themselves and the world and being born a woman isn’t going to stop them!

Angelique Tomkins of Hemp Gallery Australia


I have a strong belief that when women work together balancing both their masculine and feminine self and embracing each others strengths and qualities it creates an unbeatable team. A force of nature! I have been lucky to be around some amazing gifted women in my life. 

They have shown me how to embrace myself as a women.

Practising the Ho'oponopono is a remarkable way to balance your life:

The importance of balance resides in every part of our life and cellular being. When we don't honour ourselves as women and the women around us we create an imbalance, a disservice to mother earth. Our Earth the masculine and feminine are all suffering and are out of balance.  

The hemp plant, it's feminine part is to produce flowers and seeds, as with everything the balance of the masculine is essential for its growth. Pollinating the flower and creating strong fibres. These fibres supplying all our needs, taking very little from the earth and our environment.

Everyday we have a choice in how we walk on this earth. Plant your feet firmly and choose to honour yourself and all the beautiful women in your life everyday.

Embrace each of them in your heart, every breath that you expelled, breathe and use kind and loving words to each other.  Create your own amazing and powerful force of nature.

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