How to use CBD for sleep, anxiety and focus

How to use CBD for sleep, anxiety and focus

2020 has been a rough year, and it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself. That starts with taking care of your mental health and overall wellness—and if you’re finding yourself needing an extra boost lately, CBD could help your self-care routine to rise to the occasion.

CBD has broad applications, but we all have different needs. Taking care of yourself might mean getting some extra sleep, but it could also mean finding a chance to unwind in the middle of the day.

CBD could assist with your lack of focus, or your sleep issues (or both!), but it helps to have an extra boost in the right direction. 

Thinking about bringing CBD into your life, but not sure where to start? Here’s some of the basics on CBD for sleep, stress, and focus: products to look for, how they work, and integrating them into your routine.


We get our best sleep when we have a nighttime routine that helps us relax, unwind, and let our brains know it’s bedtime. This can include some easy Netflix watches, cuddling up with a comfort blanket and a cat, and routines like brushing your teeth and washing your face. CBD can fit easily into any routine to give you that little extra push into dreamland.


You may already have some favourite coping and calm-down strategies for dealing with stress like hydration, a warm cup of tea, listening to a guided meditation, or a favourite yoga routine. CBD is a powerful addition to that toolbox, especially when it’s combined with other natural de-stressors. 


While many focusing aids can put additional stress on your body, cannabinoids encourage balance so you can meet your day head-on.

Everybody, cannabis user or no, has an endocannabinoid system—an elaborate network that sends messages throughout your entire body, from your nervous system to your skin to your gut. Scientists are still figuring out how exactly it works, but it helps to regulate a lot of processes, including pain response, mood, and sleep.

When something’s out of whack in your body, it’s normal to get restless and distracted. A little CBD can help you pull yourself together and get the job done. It can be a helpful addition to any all-natural focus routine, like a daily meditation practice or adaptogens. 

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