Hemp clothing for babies

Hemp clothing for babies

They wear it once – you wash it. They wear – you wash. Wear – wash: repeat!

A day in the life of your baby contains more wardrobe changes than Beyoncé. That’s where our amazing collection of Hemp Gallery organic baby clothing excels. Hemp is a very strong natural fibre, withstanding punishing daily demands and lasting longer than cotton.

Talk about gentle, our hemp baby clothing starts off soft and becomes even softer the more times it’s worn and washed.


Hemp is a fast-growing plant, over-powering any surrounding threats from weeds, diseases and insects – rare indeed as far as farming goes – so the result is it grows perfectly naturally, without the need to be sprayed by pesticides.

The absence of pesticides and herbicides means no residual chemicals on the finished material that sits on baby’s skin.


Which leads us to allergies. Fabric allergies in babies can be particularly heartbreaking. They can take the form of a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes or a skin rash. Quite often the issue isn’t the fabric, it’s the chemicals used on the plant before it became material.

Being pesticide-free, our beautiful hemp baby clothing is hypo-allergenic, which also resists mould and mildew.


This generation of mums is all about making it a better world for their baby to safely grow into. Saving water is a major issue and hemp requires little to no irrigation to grow. Rain water will do just fine most of the time.

Hemp also grows super-fast, producing about 2½ times more dry fibre in the same space as a cotton farm – a far more profitable use of land!


We take deep satisfaction in knowing that our organic baby clothing range will perfectly clothe your beautiful child for years to come. Every item is created for a life well-lived in a cot, stroller and loving parent arms.

Knot Hat: A soft hemp hat that breathes well and insulates naturally without the scratch of wool. Anti-bacterial and allergy friendly.

Headbands: A soft headband with a cut bow, it’s made locally and because it’s hemp, provides the highest UV protection of any natural fabric.

Bodysuit: Made from hemp and organic cotton knit, this long sleeve grow suit is soft to the touch and suitable for all seasons.

Tights: Soft with an elasticated waste, these tights look great on any diapered bum.

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