Hemp bed linen is made with quality, sustainability and comfort in mind. As an Australian brand, although we source our hemp linen fabric from across the world, to ensure we can deliver both high quality and affordable products we choose local Australian businesses to manufacture our hemp bed linen sheets.  

Hemp bed linen originates from the hemp plant, an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that amongst other outputs, produces the strongest fibres that are woven into hemp linen fabric. The quality of the hemp fibre drives the quality of the end fabric - that is why we ensure the best ethical and sustainably sourced hemp fibres go into our linens. The hemp fibre is then woven and manufactured into our products by our manufacturing partner in China.

Our production facilities specialise in hemp and we visit often to monitor quality and production processes. As they have been working exclusively with hemp linen for decades, they are experts in developing innovative weaving techniques, stable and safe dying processes and perfecting the enzyme stone wash that make our hemp linens soft from the first time you use them. At Hemp Gallery Australia, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with manufacturers and knowing that our products are made with love and care, in fair and safe working conditions, is of utmost importance.