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Embrace Hemp & Nature

Since we started Hemp Gallery Australia all those years ago, the business has become about so much more than making luxurious, non-toxic, long-lasting and hemp-based products for the home, body and mind. It’s become a mission to find ways to bring more hemp into everyone’s lives, every day.

Because from our own experiences, we know that a deep, sustained, and daily connection to the world around us makes us feel so much better in a variety of ways. Calmer. Happier. More at peace with the world, and yet also more alert and alive. More connected to, and appreciative of the places we live, the people we love. 

Developing and maintaining a connection with hemp and nature is something we’re passionate about at Hemp Gallery. As a purpose-led brand inspired by and centred around hemp and the natural world, a core part of our mission is to aid our community in connecting with and experiencing hemp. A connection with nature enhances mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

When we return to nature, we return to ourselves.

Moving towards being

Ethical in Everything

Hemp Gallery Australia holds a special place in the hearts of Australian consumers - one we have cherished since the early 2000’s.

Our enduring reputation for quality was founded on the belief that products must be designed to last, and last beautifully. We are still obsessed with quality, and we’re obsessed with sustainability too.

It goes even further than that. From the inside out, Hemp Gallery Australia aims to be ethical. In everything. We hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical standards and we are building a culture of transparency across our business.

We have a strong commitment to treating our employees fairly and with dignity and respect, and we hold every one of our suppliers accountable to this same standard.

Our goal is to continue to lead in ethical sourcing practices in our industry. There’s always more work to be done, but we are proud of our ongoing commitment and the forward momentum we are making.

Hemp Gallery Australian Made Bed Linen

Hemp for all

Heirloom Quality Pieces

Our collection is intentionally curated. We believe in timelessness over trends, and consciously craft pieces intended to be enjoyed for seasons to come. From a young age, our founder Beatrice, was exposed to the beautiful rich textiles that are handed down through generations in Europe and the Middle-East. The quality, history, and heritage of these items cultivated her appreciation for things that last.

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