If you haven't come across the term "indent" before, I highly recommend you get used to it as it's becoming the more thoughtful and economical way of supplying product. 

Essentially indent (or the indent model) refers to the process of taking orders and then producing, or providing based on that order. This prevents over-ordering and wastage of product. 

If you're reading this, it's because you've found one of our Hemp Fabrics that is available for indent ordering only. This means it's not something we keep on hand readily available. If you wanted to purchase indent, minimum fabric meterage starts at 300m, but depending on the fabric, we could work with a smaller quantity. 

Do not despair if you've found your perfect fabric but can't purchase 300+m. Leave your details with us, even if you're after a couple of metres. We often have overwhelming interest that small orders make up the big order!

If you are interested in purchasing indent, please leave your details with us by emailing sales@hempgallery.com.au or calling on 0435 543 674.