Is Plastic Free Shopping Possible?

Is Plastic Free Shopping Possible?

The growing plastic free movement is not about getting rid of all the plastic in your life, as that would be impossible for most people. Instead it is about trying to break our reliance on new items that contain plastic or are packaged in plastic, particularly single-use throwaway plastic. The Rogue Ginger sums it up nicely:

Plastic-free living, is not to live without plastic. Such a feat would be impossible for anyone that would like to live and interact within the realms of the modern society. Plastic-free living is more about reducing reliance on the material through our everyday actions. Think single use plastic like shopping bags, straws and over packaged food.

My view: I’m not against plastic, simply against it’s misuse.

So to answer our question, in our modern world it would be almost impossible to shop without any plastic (for example the device the you are currently using). But, you can actively try not to acquire new single-use plastic.

With practice and routine, you can reduce your reliance on plastic.


  1. Keep a reusable hemp shopping bag rolled up in your hand bag.
  2. Place your reusable shopping bags , bread bag and reusable produce bags near the front door or put them back in your car once you have unpacked everything.
  3. Place all your fruit and veg loose in to your trolley. It only takes a few extra minutes at checkout to weight them. Most fruits and veg don't need to be bagged anyway!
  4. Buy bread fresh from your local bakery and ask them to use your bread bag.
  5. Check out the bulk food containers in most supermarkets/specialty stores and BYO your own containers to fill.
  6. Support local farmers and eat in season from markets and roadside stalls.
  7. Grow your own veggies and share them with your neighbours.
  8. Buy package free soap or soap packaged in compostable cardboard instead of plastic pump bottles of body wash.
  9. Wash your hair with a shampoo bar – and compost the cardboard packaging.
  10. Instead of conditioner, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar
  11. Make your own deodorant and store in a reusable glass jar.
  12. Use a bamboo toothbrush, compost the handle at the end of its life or repurpose as a plant identifier.
  13. Use hemp seed oil to remove makeup and an Everything Cloth to cleanse.
  14. Use natural DIY skincare remedies – buy raw skincare ingredients online
  15. Switch to a wooden brush and comb when it’s time to replace your plastic one.
  16. Ditch disposable, plastic razors and opt for a reusable safety razor instead! Made of metal and corrosion resistant, they will last you forever and save you money.
  17. Swap tampons and disposable pads for a reusable menstrual cup and cloth pads.
  18. Try hemp seed oil as a moisturiser.
  19. Keep these essential oils on hand to make your own natural cleaning products: eucalyptus (disinfectant), clove (kills mould), orange (removes grime), and peppermint (streak-free windows and mirrors).
  20. Wash your clothes with soapberries.
  21. Compost scraps instead of using plastic bin liners.
  22. Keep a reusable cutlery kit and a stainless steel straw in your handbag in case you get takeaway.
  23. Carry your own reusable stainless steel water bottle.
  24. Stop buying plastic cling wrap – use a beeswax wrap or a plate to wrap or cover food.

Don’t give up – every little bit counts!

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