4 Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

4 Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

In an ideal world, clothing would be made from inexpensive, durable, environmentally conscious and hygienic material. A material from Fairtrade sources, with the versatility to become anything from comfy undies to resilient outerwear.

What if that material was already here? Hemp clothing is a revolution in clothing 10,000 years in the making. And at Hemp Gallery, our range of hemp underwear, hemp shirts, hemp pants and more might be the final nudge you need to buy hemp clothing.

As well as looking great and giving you the good feeling of eco-friendly choices, our hemp clothing has benefits for every area of your life.

1. Longevity and comfort

Hemp clothing boasts 4 times the strength of regular cotton thanks to the strong hemp fibres making up 55% of the fabric blend. Wash after wash, and even in the tumble dryer, hemp clothing like our Australian hemp t-shirt stays soft, breathable, and gentle on skin.

Plus, hemp has the advantage of being UV resistant meaning the colour won’t fade like other fabrics.

When you buy hemp clothing, you’re doing yourself and the environment a favour by purchasing a piece that lasts longer without costing the earth.

2. Hygiene

Hemp is a naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic material. It’s mould resistant, breathable, and there are no pesticides in production. All of that together makes for a more hygienic fabric, perfect for hemp face masks, underwear and underlayers like singlets.

In sensitive places where hygiene is especially important, hemp fabric is an obvious solution. But even our Australian-made hemp shirts and hemp pants provide the hygiene benefits of hemp. Because daily care comes in all forms.

3. Cost-effective

The average Australian spends between $600 and $2,000 a year on new clothes. What if there was a way to reduce your spending while still getting new and stylish clothes?

Take our women’s hemp shirt, for example. Dressed up, it’s an ideal outfit for corporate or formal environments. But because it’s comfortable and a little relaxed, it can also work perfectly in casual settings. Two solutions in one, in an outfit you’ll feel great about recycling.

4. Impact on the environment

From start to finish, hemp clothing is a more sustainable choice:

  • Hemp crops require 50% of the water used for cotton
  • No pesticides needed to cultivate Cannabis sativa
  • Fewer nutrients pulled from the soil means less land degradation
  • Fully biodegradable fabric
  • Higher durability means less material waste

Australians throw away 500,000 tonnes of clothing and textiles every year. That’s nearly 20 tonnes – 20,000 kilograms – per person in overstocked fast fashion, discarded clothing, or non-recyclable fabric. Reducing your demand for inferior, discardable materials translates to reducing the amount of fabric in landfill.

All the benefits in one place

If you’ve been thinking about trying hemp clothing, then take a look at the extensive range at Hemp Gallery. Our sustainably sourced, perfectly priced hemp shirts, hemp t-shirts, hemp face masks and hemp pants for men and women are the better choice for Australian wardrobes.

You can buy hemp clothing directly through our website or get in touch to discuss wholesale pricing and hemp fabric supply.

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    This is some nice information. Like organic cotton clothing, these hemp clothes serve the same purpose.

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