A letter to mama

When you first take me home, wrap me around your body, skin to skin. 

The little one’s sense of smell was developed in the womb, and all it could smell was you. Your distinctive scent also helps calm and soothe your baby because they associate you with comfort and security. 

For that reason, simply smelling you on their blanket may help your baby settle down, which can encourage longer periods of more restful sleep.

on a side note…

A birth mother’s scent is the baby’s greatest preference because that scent was carried in the amniotic fluid and was present 24/7 while the baby is still utero. However, this form of using scent to stay connected is still possible for non-birth mothers. In situations when birth mothers are not involved in a baby’s life - for instance, surrogate mothers or adoption experiences - it’s still a wonderful way to introduce your baby to your scent and continue building that wonderful bond! Whether it’s an adoptive mother, single father, two mothers, two fathers, adoptive guardians - whoever. If you wish to build a bond, scent is one way to do it. Hemp is the only fabric that is mechanically processed which means there are no chemicals added from plant to product. It is the most eco-friendly and ethical product you can find!

Hemp is a hollow-core fibre, meaning it will help regulate the body temperature of your little one. Keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.