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Why Hemp Fabric is The Best Material For Baby Clothing?

The latest advice that new parents are getting today is this: Hemp is the best material for baby clothing.

But the idea of clothing your baby in a fabric related to marijuana doesn’t seem too plausible, right?

You do want your baby to achieve great heights, but not this way. Pun intended.

When it comes to your baby, you need evidence-based advice.

Not what people think, believe, or assume.

Trial and error is not even an option here.

To ease your confusion and help you understand if hemp is right for your baby or not, here’s all that you need to know about hemp and baby clothing.

Facts and scientific information, with a pinch of common sense. Completely devoid of biased opinions. No guesswork involved.

First things first…

Hemp Isn’t Psychoactive.

Hemp and marijuana come from the same plant family, Cannabis Sativa, but they have little else in common.

Hemp has a low THC content (less than 0.3%). And that’s the substance that gives marijuana its psychoactive and mind-altering properties.

Even if you were to roll and smoke hemp (like marijuana), you wouldn’t get high.

A cough, maybe.

But no high.

This means making your baby wear hemp clothes will do them no harm.

Instead, you’d be ensuring your baby is contributing towards global good from a very young age.

That’s because hemp is eco-friendly.

It helps bring down carbon dioxide levels in the environment.

It requires very less water during cultivation and is mostly rain fed.

It curbs soil, air, and water pollution.

And it even provides employment to people.

While all those are good enough reasons to switch to hemp, you need to consider something more when it comes to your baby.

It is good for everyone else. But what matters is, is it good for your baby?

Here are six qualities of hemp that say it is.

1. Hemp is Healthy For Your Baby

Did you know hemp fabric can protect your baby from bacteria like MRSA and E. coli?

Well, that and some fungal strains too.

The hemp plant contains lignin. It is a type of naturally occurring glue-like substance. And it is lignin that is responsible for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It will protect your baby from skin issues like diaper dermatitis as well. And there’s no chance of your little munchkin being troubled by foul smells from the clothes.

It also resists mould and mildew, keeping your baby truly safe.

Keeping your baby safe and healthy is your first priority, right?

And if hemp baby clothes can do that for you, they should be your ideal pick.

Other hemp clothes and hemp diapers, you can also go for blankets and bed sheets made of hemp to keep your baby safe.

2. Hemp Is Breathable And Comfortable

Hemp is a lightweight and breathable fabric. It absorbs sweat quickly (even faster than cotton) and keeps your baby cool during the summers.

It also has a porous personality that makes it breathable.

Hemp clothes for your kids can thus help regulate your baby’s body temperature by soaking extra moisture. (Hemp can soak moisture up to five times its volume.)

3. Hemp Offers UV Protection

Hemp has a UPF of 50+, which means it can protect your little one from 95% of the UV rays.

Taking your baby out for a sunny day stroll or letting them soak up some natural vitamin D in the park shouldn’t be much of a trouble if you know that their hemp clothes will keep them safe from the sun.

4. Hemp Is Suitable For All Weathers

A breathable fabric that offers UV protection is well-suited for summers.

It absorbs moisture, so it is likely to keep your baby comfortable during the rainy season too.

But what about the cold months?

Is hemp suitable for winters?

Of course, it is.

The super plant, hemp, can be woven into denim, fleece, jersey, and canvas, among other materials that will keep your baby warm in winters.

With its unique ability to keep your baby warm in winters, cool in summers, and dry during high precipitation, hemp is an all-weather fabric.

5. Hemp Is Extremely Durable

When your baby starts crawling around the house, their clothes tend to get worn, especially from around the knees.

But that won’t happen with hemp.

Hemp has high tensile strength and is extremely durable. It shows minimum signs of wear and tear and would last for decades.

Who needs baby clothes to last for decades anyway? My baby would outgrow the clothes within months.

Yeah, right. You don’t need the baby clothes for just your baby, but the durability of hemp allows passing down clothes to siblings and younger cousins. The clothes could become a family heirloom.

Also, if you don’t need your hemp baby clothes, you can recycle them after use. Hemp is biodegradable, which means it won’t land in a landfill after its useful life is over.

6. Hemp Is A Skin-Friendly Fabric

Did you know that hemp is a naturally disease-free crop?

Did you know that hemp is resilient to insects and pests?

Did you know that hemp crops can ward off weed growth?

Did you know that hemp keeps the soil nutrient-rich and healthy?

What does all this have anything to do with hemp baby clothes?

Well, because of all that, hemp does not require pesticides, insecticides, weedicides, fertilisers, or any other agrochemicals.

And because hemp is grown organically without chemical use, the fabric made from the plant is also chemical-free. It makes hemp clothes gentle and skin-friendly for your baby.

Have more questions about hemp clothes, right?

Here are the answers you needed.

Is Hemp Fabric Rough and Unsuitable For Babies?

Hemp was traditionally used for making ropes and sails.

Then it became a part of hippie fashion.

That’s why most people believe that it would be rough and coarse to touch.

It would feel I am making my baby wear a rucksack. 

Hemp would be unsuitable for my child’s gentle skin. 

The coarse material can cause rashes, skin infections, and discomfort.

I’ve heard a lot of people say these things about hemp fabric.

While your apprehensions are valid, they aren’t true.

Science and technology have advanced today. The hemp fabric that is used to make baby clothes is processed to remove all coarseness and give it a soft feel.

[The processing is chemical-free and does not have an effect on the durability and other qualities of hemp.]

What’s better is that hemp softens after each wash. Thus, every time you wash your baby’s clothes, they’d get softer and more comfortable.

And no, they won’t lose shape or become worn down after multiple washes. (Remember, it is a durable fabric.)

If that wasn’t enough, hemp also blends well with other fabrics.

I don’t want dull-colored clothing for my child. Is hemp clothing available in all colours?

Another common misconception about hemp clothing is that it is available only in natural hues like brown and cream.

The idea of always having to keep your baby clothed in natural hues sounds dull and drab.

But that’s not true either.

Hemp dyes really well.

And organically dyed hemp clothes will ensure your little bundle of joy gets the goodness of hemp along with a colourful, stylish, and fashionable wardrobe.

Picking What’s The Best For Your Baby And Your Pocket

Hemp is the best material for baby clothing.

Experts agree.

And you’ve seen the proof yourself.

But a hard-hitting reality is that baby fashion labels hardly have hemp clothing.

And those that have it are extremely expensive.

Growing and processing hemp to produce fibres and then the fabric is, after all, a high-cost enterprise.


With time, as people and government warm up to it, this cost is likely to come down making hemp not just environment-friendly but budget-friendly too.


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