Unique Gift Hampers for a Sustainable Christmas Season

Unique Gift Hampers for a Sustainable Christmas Season

Embrace the festive sparkle and warmth of Christmas, a time for giving and creating unforgettable memories with your friends and family. In the past, you may have resorted to last-minute shopping at discount stores to fill those stockings. This year, discover a new world of thoughtful and eco-friendly gift options that will redefine how you show love and appreciation, with our Christmas “Hempers”!


Elevate your gift-giving with our unique gift "Hempers," featuring festive favourites like HG dry gin, gourmet hemp foods, and luxurious hemp body and bath products – all combining style, quality, and eco-consciousness.


Dive into our festive gift guide, brimming with creative and sustainable ideas to delight your loved ones this holiday season.

Sustainable Gifting

It’s time to change our mindset when it comes to gifting. Choosing a curated present for a loved one should not mean foregoing ethical or eco-friendly elements, and there’s no reason a fantastic gift can’t also have a positive impact on our planet.

Growing awareness means more people than ever are embracing the joy of giving sustainably, choosing eco-friendly options over fast fashion and wasteful shopping. Your family and friends will appreciate the thought put into curated gift hampers that don't harm the planet. 

The Growing Popularity of Hemp-Based Products

As hemp's star rises in the world of sustainable materials, its popularity in diverse industries is a testament to the global shift towards eco-friendly living. Hemp has been underutilised in the past, but today's recognition of its immense versatility has led to a rising demand. Hemp products are a harmony of nature and human innovation - from textiles and clothing to wellness products and Australian hemp oil.


Purpose-led brands like Hemp Gallery make it easy to choose great hemp products for sustainable gifting this Christmas. We stock a huge selection of hemp fabrics, fashion accessories, baby toys, healthy hemp food and drinks and much more.

The Many Environmental Benefits of Hemp

One of the main reasons hemp stands head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to sustainability is that it requires minimal water to grow and zero pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.

Choose hemp and contribute to a healthier, greener planet. Gift a cosy Buckwheat Hull Pillow for dreamy nights or Australian hemp protein powder for fitness fanatics - each product champions minimal waste and respects nature.

Meaningful and Eco-Friendly Gift Hempers

Everyone loves a gift hamper, especially when thoughtfully filled with unique, sustainable items. A carefully chosen hamper can cater to a variety of tastes and needs, including hemp drinks and food.


Whether you’re present shopping for your eco-conscious parents or co-workers, the curated collection of hemp-based products from Hemp Gallery Australia offers a vast range of options to gift an eco-friendly hemper this Christmas.

Delicious and Sustainable Hemp Foods and Drinks 

Health has never tasted so good! Gifting a hamper stuffed with delicious and sustainable hemp-based drinks and pantry products is guaranteed to put a huge smile on people's faces. Restock their drawers in time for Christmas with a range of healthy hemp food to delight their taste buds.

Why not treat your loved ones to hemp drinks like Hemp Infused Hot Chocolate or unbelievably good hemp foods such as Hemp Brownee’s and Salted Caramel Rockee Road desserts?

The Gift Edit

Explore the diverse collection at Hemp Gallery Australia, including our newly curated “The Gift Edit” section. This thoughtfully curated selection features a range of sustainable and unique products, making it an ideal choice for memorable Christmas gifts. From the high-quality hemp gift hampers (mentioned above) to luxurious hemp body care sets and stylish hemp accessories, each item in the gift edit is meticulously chosen to offer a memorable and eco-friendly gifting experience for any occasion to suit all budgets.

Hemp Wellness Products

Gifting uplifting hemp wellness products will make you the favourite aunt or uncle this year, from hydrating Rich Face Creme to face wipes and scrubs. Each hemp wellness product focuses on uplifting well-being and making yourself feel cared for, such as our luscious Soap Bars - all made from luxury oils and butters.

Australian Hemp Seed Oil is known for balancing the skin's sebum production and preventing breakouts - anyone with acne knows this is the best present they could receive!

Stylish Hemp Apparels

Sustainable style has never been more appealing. Hemp Gallery Australia offers a range of apparel that aligns with your values - gift with peace of mind. From Hemp Scarves to Hemp Bags and even aesthetic Hemp tablet/ iPad cases, the ideal gift for your loved one is just a click away. 

Hemp Presents for Home and Decor


Living comfortably is something we all seek and no one should have to sacrifice style or safety in the process. Ethically created hemp linen and hemp bedding products are ideal for elevating your friend's living space while ensuring long-lasting items that deliver aesthetics and eco-consciousness.

Give the gift of a great sleep with Hemp Sheets or a hemp-covered Buckwheat Pillow, Shower Curtains or consider Hemp Linen Curtains and Gingham Cushions for an interior uplift.

Other Creative Ways to Use Hemp this Holiday 

Hemp Ornaments and Decor

Adorn your Christmas tree with hemp ornaments and decorations - each piece helps add a touch of eco-friendly elegance to your festive celebrations. Why not use quality hemp fabric and hemp twine to make your own? Hemp brings a delightful rustic energy to any tree

Using Hemp Fabrics for Gift Wrapping

Gift-giving can be a wholly sustainable experience with hemp wrapping options. Ditch traditional paper for hemp-based alternatives that are both beautiful and eco-friendly. 

Choose Hemp Gift Hempers for a Sustainable Christmas Season

Embrace this giving season with eco-friendly gift hempers to show your family and friends how much you care about them and the planet. Making purposeful choices is easier than ever thanks to the curated selection of hemp-based products from Hemp Gallery Australia.

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