Hemp Bedding Guide And The Truth About Thread Count

July 23 2021

Hemp Bedding Guide And The Truth About Thread Count
Hemp Bedding Guide And The Truth About Thread Count

Enduring, sustainable, and comfortable, the simplicity and strength of hemp elevates hemp bedding above modern and often misleading measures of quality. At Hemp Gallery Australia, we celebrate eco-excellence in the everyday.

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to threads woven in a square inch of fabric, counted in horizontal and vertical directions (weft and warp). Thread count is marketed as a measure of quality, inferring a high thread count equals a more luxurious surface, and comfortable sleep.

Realising the power of thread counts on consumers, manufacturers began to experiment with ways to yield a high thread count — without improving bedding quality. Hence the rise of affordable, high thread count sheets that are low quality, by traditional industry standards.

A popular way to boost thread count

Lower quality double or triple ply threads that present as double or triple fibres is one way to elevate thread count. But such manufacturing decisions can produce inferior quality sheets, with weaker fibres resulting in rough textures, weighted fabric, and reduced airflow.

It’s worth noting a number of materials used to produce sheets aren’t generally measured via thread count, further complicating the conversation. A variety of elements contribute to high quality bed linen. Production, and the strength of the fibres, are of primary concern.

The best thread count for sheets

Thread count is not generally used as a measure of quality for hemp sheets. A better measure is considering the material itself. Premium hemp means strong, longer single fibres. The result is superb bed linen beyond the simplified parameters of thread count.

A commitment to superior foundations is why our customers consider us the port of call for exquisite hemp bedding in Australia. We focus foremost on the quality of our organically grown hemp; the condition of the yarn, and the standard of the weaving process.

Why Hemp fabric is great

 hemp bed sheet

Lightweight and textured, hemp produces bedding renowned for fibre strength. With care, hemp linens can last decades. Hemp Linen Sheets and Sets are gentle, and soften further each wash. Hemp thermo-controls, meaning you stay cool in summer, and warm in winter.

Hemp fabric covers the three As: antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiviral, making hemp a smart choice for those with allergies or sensitivities. Hemp itself is an eco-friendly offsetting crop, meaning hemp addresses carbon dioxide emissions better than most trees.

The aesthetics of hemp

 hemp bed

While comfort, health, durability, and sustainability come first, there’s no denying many of us appreciate eco-friendly interiors that also visually complement the living space. Our Hemp Linen Quilt Sets bring a refined yet striking, earthy aesthetic to any bedroom.

In today’s market you have the advantage of considering an array of materials when choosing comfortable, relaxing basics for the home. We created our Fairtrade Hemp Bedroom range because we want to offer access to long-lasting, conscientious choices.

Do you have questions about hemp bedding?

For queries about our stunning hemp bedding, please contact us. Introducing people to the potential of hemp as a sustainable and versatile everyday item, one that contributes to healthy yet luxurious living, is a driving passion for us here at Hemp Gallery Australia.


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