We love knowing there are happy hempers out there getting terrific results. We also love seeing photos of the end result, whether it's health, home or happiness and wellbeing, we want to see how happy hemp has made you. 

Here are some stories other hempers have shared with us. If you have a story to share, email social@hempgallery.com.au or use the tags #hempgallery #lifewithhemp on social media. 


Bought many products over the years.... clothes wash/ wear so well... standout is the handmade dolly that my 7yo daughter now has as a sleep dolly for her own dolly.... caring, beautiful & committed service from Beatrice is amazing!!


I was also happy to see your hemp blankets, my mum sent one of those to me in the UK 9 years ago when I had my first baby and it's still being loved for my third! 


Thank you for my bed linen - which arrived super quick. They're already on my bed getting some love!


Building Biology Workshop, August 2017

Thanks again for having us over, received email from Kelly how lovely it was at your showroom. We felt very welcome.


I am happy with the bags I purchased and was very impressed with how quickly they were delivered. I have had people in the supermarket ask me where I got the bags from and have been happy to give your details. I have also recommended them to friends who I know are interested in environmentally friendly products.


Awesome shampoo and conditioner. Hemp protein and seeds are worth to mention as well. Passionate people :) Highly recommended products !


My hemp infinity scarf has saved me this winter. As a cyclist I can never wear scarves in fear of getting it caught in the wheels, but this has made it so much easier!


My daughter uses this for small beads and she said it works well. The smooth texture adds a new dimension to the usual coarse hemp fibres.


The produce bags are so great and easy to use and it really makes you realise how much you plastic you unnecessarily used before! Love them!


I love it, I live it, breathe it and eat it for brekkie, alongside my poached pears and porridge that is. (Hemp foods and edibles)


I have been an appreciator of Hemp clothing and related products now since the late 1990’s when I first found a hemp store in Katoomba NSW. Whilst the clothing and the soap are especially great, I have found the hemp sheets to be of a quality unmatched by mainstream commercial brands available today. I purchased a king size set of fitted sheets in 2001 in the natural hemp colour and these sheets are still in an as new condition almost 10 years later. Great for winter and a great alternative to flannelette sheets which often have a tendency to ‘ball’ after multiple use and washing. I would highly recommend the hemp sheets and hemp products in general to all who are interested in following their instincts rather than following the norm.


If you are looking for the kind of hemp that has a rough natural look, this isn't it.
It's a slightly glossy, fairly smooth fine bead cord that knots very well showing good definition of knots. It also works well for needle woven pouches. I'm very happy with it, it's exactly what I was looking for on a project I'm working on.


So so soft & a beautiful natural colour. Immediately went shopping again & purchased another set. Where have you been all my life?


I do screen printing as a hobby and my paints have taken to the hemp fabrics really well. 

Alice - interlined design

I'm loving my hemp twine! 


I love what you have and I can't wait to buy more!


Superb quality, and an extremely cosy/homely feeling. Love it. Worth the wait.


I have been wearing hemp now for 3 years, constantly. The only time I wear cotton is if there is no clean hemp clothes to wear as I am a single guy. My hemp clothing seems to breath and relax around me, making it my preferred choice.


I really loved the hemp shirt you brought for us, the fabric was lovely :) 


Thanks so much for my goodies. I love them!


great products! I bought the produce bags and they work well. very fast delivery and well priced. I will recommend you to others


A business deserving all the accolades there is... Beatrice is a dedicated and passionate person... I'm sure she has made more than a small impact with her persistence. and what a terrific product they have developed over the last number of years? You've come a long way from walks in our doggy park!... Congratulations isn't enough !!!!!


I really love this product! I was a bit worried at first as I had been using an cream in the past that left my combo-dry skin feeling super oily, but that is not the case with this! I would absolutely recommend it! (Rose Face Cream)


Amazing stuff! Have been using the hemp seeds, oil & protein daily.


Great service, great product, great packaging, great company.


I had always used my hemp seed oil in foods and drinks until Beatrice told me that I could use it topically too. It's replaced my eczema medication which I never thought would happen. 


I just love my new sheets they are so comfortable to sleep on!! Also delivery may I add was so quick very impressed will be shopping here again and again that's for sure!! 


Having visited Beatrice & Ray at the markets for many years, I've seen the growth of the products and the business. I'm proud to say I've been buying from hemp gallery for over 15 years and I've never had a problem with a product. My wife and I purchased the bed linen as a trial and it's still in good nick. A few years ago Beatrice replaced the elastic on the fitted sheet, but otherwise all good. 


I've order from here before and every time I get great quality products with fast shopping absolutely amazing.


Definitely had a good sleep when I threw these sheets on my bed.


I began to see a difference in my skin in just one week. I will continue to use this product. (Skin Drink)


The quilt set and pillowcases are amazing. I’ve been washing and putting them straight back on the bed rather than rotating through my alternate sets. Comfy and exactly as advertised. Just a no BS company with a love for what they do. I’ll be buying again for sure.


All around a great hempy experience!


Great service. Even better communication. Arrived on time. Love the product. Saved using 5 plastic bags on their first outing.


I was given a HUGE selection of baby wraps and muslin cloths at my baby shower, but the one I keep coming back to is my hemp baby wrap. Thanks Mum (and Hemp Gallery!)



You guys made it so simple to source hemp based products online. Living in rural VIC I'm not spoilt for choice so being able to buy my hemp seeds and oils online is fantastic. Thank you!


Everything I've bought from Hemp Gallery has been amazing! Im often asked about my hemp clothes and only too happy to recommend Beatrice for her amazingly helpful and quick service.

Kate & Catherine - St James Whitting

Thank you so much for the sponsorship of the printed HEMP AUSTRALIA Promotional Bags for our Resene paint launch.


Love the motivation behind your brand. Ordering was super easy. Delivery was fast. I love my bags and are perfect to take to my local farmers market.


Hello, just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoying using the Sweet Orange & Mai Chang Rich Moisturiser through winter. My skin usually reacts to commercial moisturisers, so I was delighted to find that it loves this one. My 14 year old daughter also has been using it through winter, she is also a fan - and considering teenagers are constantly bombarded with advertising that's a pretty strong recommendation! Thank you again for creating this fabulous moisturiser, Lou


We love our new bed linen thank you!


My mala came out beautiful, I used 8mm stone beads and doubled this twine. This made perfect sized knots between each bead. The string is thin, smooth, and very easy to thread and tie knots with.


I LOVE this moisturiser. It’s so light but makes my face feel SO soft!


Excellent for purchasing fruit and vegetables!!! Think of how many plastic bags I could have prevented going into landfill if I had those bags years ago, A great gift for my friends too!


A little bit of luxury for our bedroom. (Bed Linen)


I'm in love with my hemp infinity scarf!! It's perfect for these chilly wintery days and I get compliments everywhere I go. Thank you for providing such beautiful, high quality items, and for being so passionate and dedicated about further educating the public about the importance of hemp products!


I purchased this as a gift and was impressed with the quality. I don't suppose it would be a great idea to take it out in the rain as it will likely shrink. It arrived exactly as pictured and was loved by the person who received it. (Hemp Shoulder Bag)


How has someone not made Hemp Nut Butters before!! The most delicious nut butter I've tried. Can't wait to buy more.


Love the product and am over the moon with their customer satisfaction and service!!


I follow you online and LOVE your business!


So easy and lovely to deal with, great pillows !! Love them and this brand xx


I bought 2 of the sacks of produce bags. They arrived in double quick time and have been fantastic. The seem pretty sturdy yet light and they just do the job. Now I don’t need to try and reuse plastic bags – I just avoid them all together.


My father (60) and myself (22) have both struggled to find remedy for our psoriasis – we have it over our scalps and around the bridge of our noses. Changes in season, from warmer to colder climates always brings some upset to the condition of our skin. However, for the last year I have been using the Vitamin B5 shampoo and it has really helped! I have tried everything, like alcohol based relievers and homemade remedies like baking soda/apple cider vinegar – but none are as reliable as this shampoo for keeping my head in balance! Ha-ha. I really highly recommend this product. I have gotten great longevity too, I shampoo my hair about once every three days and find one 10c size dollop enough for each wash. My partner likes the smell and she says my hair looks healthy and has a nice shine. I am mainly pleased because I feel the air on my scalp again and have no hesitation to scratch or itch. We have also used hemp seed oil balms and facial cream on the face and on the bridge of nose. It acts similar to paw paw in the cold weather, but absorbs easier over the day and comes from friendlier ingredients.


Great website, fast delivery, fabulous product. Have given the produce bags (why didn’t someone think of that before?) to all three of my adult children. Hopefully my grandchildren will not know plastic bags in supermarkets! Thanks


Super soft sheets thats help keep you cool at night. Great customer service as well. Minor order issue was resolved really quickly.


I've always had a great experience dealing with Bea, Ray and the team at Hemp Gallery. I love my bed linen and so do guests, but my favourite are the skincare and soaps. In particular the rose face cream and sandalwood soap.
I only recently started buying the cold pressed oils and have found them a great addition to meals and topically on my skin.


So happy with my hemp quilt cover purchase. Such good quality and super fast shipping. I will definitely be shopping at the hemp gallery again.

Rene kay

Hello, my name is Rene Kay from Chiswick NSW and I am 92 years old.

I first discovered hemp seed oil on our summer holidays withfamily and friends.

I saw that every morning my son in law would take a tablespoon of oil , after enquiring about why he took it, I decided to swap my flax intake with hemp. A desert spoon of hemp seed oil twice a day.

Within a week I noticed that I did not have to take 2 out of 6 panadols a day, apart from 7.5mg of cortisone I have to take to cope with osteo arthritis pain in my shoulders and right arm.

Within 5 weeks I had totally given up taking the 6 panadols. During a regular specialist check my doctor decided to lower the cortisone.  A year down the track I am down to 2.5mg of cortisone.

In the mean time my hair and nails feel and look healthier then ever. 


This is my first time ordering off the site, my sheets were delivered quickly and were packaged in such a beautiful way and even personalised with a little message. It was like receiving a gift from a friend! Will be ordering again, great quality, gorgeous sheets!


I really loved the handwritten note in the package. Nice touch and personal.


These are going to be great. Came the day before shopping. I like the little handwritten note inside. Am looking forward to buying more hemp products


Great service regarding my purchase. The quality was of a high standard and I cannot fault anything. After such a pleasant experience, I would recommend. 


Wonderful service, speedy delivery, Amazing Sheets.


Fruit and veg produce bags are great, convenient to store. Looking forward to using them each week.


Do yourself a favour and get some of these sheets. They are so comfortable and effortlessly stylish


Was very pleased to receive good quality pillows. After I made a mistake with the shipping address, Nicole went out of her was to make sure they were re-sent to the correct address in a prompt manner. Would definitely shop online again - great service.