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St James Whitting

What started off as a beautiful friendship has morphed into an incredible collection of fabrics, products and creativity. 

The Elementals Collection, designed by St James Whitting and printed on Hemp Gallery's hemp fabrics is for the lover of luxury in all of us. 

Currently available in the range are throw cushions and quilted bed toppers for the lounge or well dressed bed.

Soon to join are a range of fabrics available in bespoke colours, using the beautiful elemental designs to provide designers, architects and home enthusiasts an opportunity for cohesion in their homes and projects.

St James Whitting has also collaborated with Designer Rugs and Resene in their Elementals Range to provide Designers, Architects and home enthusiasts an opportunity for cohesion in their homes and projects. 




We have always loved using hemp fabrics in our work. Now you can avail yourself of our designs on hemp fabrics as cushions and as meterage for soft furnishings. Our first release is now available from Hemp Gallery Australia featuring five designs, Ripples indigo, Firespikes Indigo, Stones natural, Kindling Sticks Indigo, Rose Cactus indigo and our art panels Wildflowers and Mixed bunch.

a new unique product

Weighted blankets


The Ripples design on the Capri fabric has already been used to create custom fashion pieces such as these beautiful hats. 

Created by Annalisse Morrow of @MisSMasH they will be available from the St James Whitting website ( soon.

Custom hat with Ripples by St James Whitting Hemp Gallery

St James Whitting Hemp Gallery Collaboration
Kate St James and Catherine Whitting of St James Whitting

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