Within our Hemp Gallery showroom we offer a safe space for anyone and everyone who is interested in learning more about Hemp. We offer the opportunity for you to bring individuals from your workplace or industry to learn how you can work in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Topics available:

  • Overview of hemp in todays society
  • Industrial hemp industry (building & agriculture)
  • Fashion forward in hemp
  • CBD & Medicinal hemp
  • Building Biology
  • Food & Edibles

If you are interested in holding a workshop in our showroom, or prefer that we come to you, please contact us on or visit our contact page here.

building biologists workshop, August 2017

Building Biologists at Hemp Gallery Australia
Building Biologists at Hemp Gallery Australia




Over the years we have grown to know a lot of people interested in hemp and sustainable living. 

Please see the list below for offerings and we'll be happy to put you in touch.

screen printers

interior designers

architects - commercial & retail

building biologists