Inika Organic Brushes

Inika Organic Brushes

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Blush Brush

Super soft, perfectly-sized bristles and a rounded head ensure this Blush Brush enhances cheeks with an even distribution of beautiful colour. 
Ideal for dusting mineral powders onto the face, décolletage or body.

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Use to shade and highlight cheekbones like a pro.

  • Allows for even colour distribution, creating a natural look.

Pro Kabuki Brush

The Vegan Pro Kabuki Brush features the same high-density soft bristles as the Vegan Kabuki Brush, but in a mini compact size with a premium faux leather carry case.  

Non-irritating bristles seamlessly blend mineral powders onto the skin, ensuring even coverage and a flawless finish every time. 
The versatile brush can be used to apply  loose minerals or baked powders to create the perfect base and an airbrushed finish.  

The premium faux leather case makes it the perfect travel or handbag essential.

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Perfect for travel.

  • High-density brush allows for even coverage.

  • Creates an elegant airbrushed finish.Contouring Angle Brush

A must-have brush designed to add depth, contour and definition to the face, this Contouring Brush features ultra-soft bristles to pick up the perfect amount of product, while the angled head allows for effortless precision. 
It seamlessly blends mineral powder onto skin, creating beautiful natural contours. 
Can be used with contour, blush, bronzer or highlighter powders.

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Precision application with an angled head.

  • Use to define, contour and highlight with any mineral powders

Flawless Liquid brush

Soft, ergonomic bristles ensure easy and flawless application of liquid make-up products. For a streak-free appearance thanks to the thick, synthetic bristles, which also ensure that less product is needed to achieve brilliant make-up results.

How to use:

  • Place the liquid make-up product in the hollow middle and use to distribute the product evenly with circular motions.

  • Perfect for liquid, creamy or powder make-up products such as foundations and BB creams.

  • 100% synthetics bristles

  • cruelty-free & vegan production

Foundation Brush

The Vegan Foundation Brush Provides flawless, even application of all foundation types. The flat, firm, ultra thick bristles and perfectly-sized head have been specially designed to hold the foundation in place while the silky-soft bristles blend the product onto the skin, resulting in a seamless finish

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Allows for even and buildable coverage.

  • Soft bristles and a flat head maximise product application.

  • The effortless way to achieve a professional looking makeup finish

Fan Brush

This soft-bristled Fan Brush is perfect for Mineral Powder application, softening, blending and easy touch ups. 
Apply highlighter, blusher and bronzer with a seamless finish, use to soften and blend for a more natural look or address eye shadow fall out in one smooth sweep.

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Perfectly-fanned bristles are designed to seamlessly move powder around the face for precision application.

  • Ideal multi-tasking tool – great for highlighting the collarbone.

  • Use to highlight high points of the face (cheeks, brows, nose, collarbone).

Limited Edition Perfection Powder Brush

This unique brush is designed to buff makeup into the skin for a flawless complexion. Ideal for application of our Mineral Powder products, the premium synthetic bristles pick up and apply product to the skin perfectly, and quickly build the desired level of coverage.

Features a 35 degree angle to reach every corner of the face, and over 1.2 million micro-fine soft bristles ensure optimal density for even makeup application. 

Perfect for evenly applying Mineral Powder Foundation to the skin - just press brush into powder, gently tap handle to remove any excess, and gently buff into the skin in circular motions for a perfect airbrushed finish. 

100% certified vegan and cruelty free, premium synthetic bristles are compatible with powders, creams and liquid formulas.

Concealer Brush

Your go-to tool for quick and easy concealer application, this brush makes disguising redness and pigmentation, covering blemishes and imperfections and brightening dark circles a breeze

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • Compact brush head makes it ideal for small touch-ups.

  • Team with the Certified Organic Perfection Concealer.

Shadow Brush

  • The Vegan Shadow Brush is soft and silky for a comfortable, crease-free finish. The multi-purpose brush features compact hairs that gradually taper to a medium-sized dome. Its distinctive shape and size makes it ideal for applying colour to the eyelids, highlighting the brow area, softening and diffusing eyeshadow shades or setting concealer

  • Made from soft synthetic bristles.

  • A multi-tasking makeup bag essential.

  • Makes applying eyeshadow easy.

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