Our Team

We're pretty lucky to be surrounded by such a fun and passionate team here at Hemp Gallery Australia. Headed up by Beatrice and Nicole, we all work hard to make sure you love Hemp Gallery as much as we enjoy working here. If you're interested in joining our team be sure to check out our Jobs page to see if we have anything going that may tickle your fancy. Good day to you.


hemp whisperer

Our smooth talking founder is able to talk to anyone and everyone about hemp. You'll know a lot more than you did after talking to Bea!


jack of all trades

Making sure all the cogs are turning, Nicole does everything and anything to make sure Hemp Gallery is the best in the biz!


smile patrol

Got a problem? Angelique’ll fix it. Heading up our office and showroom, Angelique’s favourite thing to do is keep everyone happy and smiling!

Poppy &Monique

Customer ninjas

Heading up our customer service, if you head on over to our live chat, you'll be able to talk to these lovely ladies all day.


Your name here

positions available

Have you got a little something special up your sleeve? Think you know a thing or two about online and want to go the extra mile to prove it? Click here for positions currently available.