Kärter & stark

The Brainchild of Miss Kärter & Stark: Marissa Ormandy.

My love for textiles and sewing started with ‘home economics’ classes when I was 8.
To feed this passion I went on to study Fashion Design and Technology at Christchurch Polytechnic. This established my entry into the fashion industry, working with some of New Zealand’s top fashion labels.
The new millennia started with a move from little ol’ NZ to WOW WOW WOW Sydney.
The following years were filled with travel, retail, nanny jobs and unemployed summers at the beach!!
All this experience and 3 children later lead me to my hero role, Mother, Designer, Hemp Crusader!

Karter&Stark designs products that are functional and serve a purpose larger than aesthetic.

They believe organic textiles are the way of the future and recognise that protecting the environment, our health and the health of our children go hand in hand.

My daughter Lulu suffered from a wide range of respiratory health problems, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, asthma, and mild sleep apneoa. Sleeping was not happening much in my house!! Up several times during the night and constantly listening to make sure she was still breathing, slowly took its toll.

It was imperative to create a better sleeping environment to let her (and I) get the sleep her developing body needed, as with 3 children under 3 the necessity of a good nights sleep was paramount!!

HEMP ticked all the boxes and WORKED. Inspired by Lulu’s improved health and the uninterrupted sleep that was now happening at our house – BOOM – we were expecting our nameless baby…..later becoming Karter&Stark, our fourth child.

Since then I have invested much love and energy into researching the many benefits HEMP has to offer. It is naturally anti-microbial, mildew resistant and most importantly –


Hemp bedding helps create an environment in your home that allows the body’s defence systems a chance to recuperate, rather than increasing the toxic load whilst trying to sleep.

It is our dream to share our products with those seeking alternate solutions to conventional chemically treated fabrics and provide a good night’s sleep for all.
Our products are produced to the highest quality and are not only beautiful but are useful and created with ethical value.
Our minimalistic design reflects our personal style.
The fabric, finishes and techniques are second to none!

All Karter&Stark textiles are biodegradable for your peace of mind.
The fibres used are pesticide, chemical and cruelty free.
Our products are made with love here in Sydney.

Karter&Stark has grown with this family and we now invite it to
be part of yours!
Here’s to no more sleepless nights.

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