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Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin for Hemp Gallery

A Hemp enthusiast for sustainable alternatives, Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin is available to speak on the subject of 'all things hemp'. Her presentations are inspirational and uplifting revealing powerful facts about the hemp industry.

Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin and her husband Ray Rankin set out to start an eco-friendly business (Hemp Gallery) over 15 years ago, they did so with the realisation that there was very little public awareness of hemp products. As an environmentalist, Beatrice could not stand idle, watching the damage done to our planet through chopping down trees, fracking, genetically modifying foods, and putting chemicals in so many things our lives depend on.

Beatrice's love for the diversity and beauty of Australia, her adopted country, and her want to protect it led Beatrice to co-found the Industrial Hemp Association of NSW ( in 2008, with the goal of informing the public about the benefits of industrial hemp in the use of clothing, food, fuel, shelter and more. This avenue also allowed her to connect with other like-minded people interested in ethical and sustainable manufacturing.

Beatrice enjoys empowering people with information about industrial hemp and the choices they can make to ensure a healthier, sustainable environment. Beatrice is a recognised and respected figure in the industrial hemp industry, having spoken at many local and national events to private and public sector organisations on the benefits of hemp.

Major public presentations

  • EcoXpo Sydney - September, 2013 click here to view video clip which captures Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin on stage at the 2013 EcoXpo with Dr David Suzuki, others mentioning Beatrice in their short interviews and Beatrice receiving Hemp Gallery's award for the ‘Most creative stand in the expo'.
  • Grand Designs Australia Live - October 2011

Hemp keynote topics

Beatrice will have your ‘unconvinced’ audiences converted in less than 45 minutes and is always available for a chat following every presentation. Her friendly, approachable style appeals to any type of audience and clients. A pre-presentation consultation is included in the engagement fee to enable Beatrice to understand your organisation’s requirements. Each presentation is tailored to the precise needs and interests of each audience.


Hemp - part of the solution (45-minutes presentation)

Key elements of Beatrice’s presentation include:

  • Overview of industrial hemp history
  • Why we need hemp today
  • Overview of industrial hemp overseas
  • Overview of industrial hemp in Australia today
  • Overview of Australian-made products including:
    • Hemp fabrics
    • Hemp foods
    • Hemp construction materials
  • Useful resources - knowledge is power!

Hemp is fashionable, liveable and sustainable! (45-minutes presentation)

This workshop covers:

  • Overview of industrial hemp history
  • Interactive quiz session about hemp myths
  • Which designers use hemp in their fashion collections
  • Why hemp is an ideal fabric for fashion items
  • Useful resources - knowledge is power!



A wide variety of hemp related topics are available on request, as Beatrice can apply material from her extensive experience in hemp industries and Australian legislation to any specialised brief.

To borrow Beatrice and her knowledge please email or call 0435 543 674 to schedule