The Hemp Gallery Hemp Dress created by Costume for a Cause



The Hemp Dress created by Costume for a Cause and Hemp Gallery
Sherree Maniks and Jaimie from Costume for a Cause and the Hemp Gallery Hemp Dress

Named Sativa, nature’s thread, the gown has a twofold dispel the outdated belief that hemp fabric is coarse and stiff to wear and to educate the public in the plethora of areas hemp is currently utilised.

Using a lush hemp/silk blend fabric, Sherree made the gown from scratch before silk dying by hand. The hemp leaves adorning the bodice and trailing down the gown were created with a fine hemp fabric with handmade hemp twine forming the leaf’s spine. These were then individually dyed with silk paints.

Sherree divided the gown into eight panels where each panel represents the main areas hemp is used: Textiles, Cosmetics, Building, Fuel, Food, Nutritional, Earth and Paper. The main benefits of each category are highlighted in a word cloud effect with fabric laser cut by Platinum Awards in Brookvale.

“I loved working with the hemp fabric, so easy to sew and handle. I can see great potential within the fashion industry alone to utilise this amazing fabric that is breathable, durable, eco-friendly, sustainable recyclable and biodegradable. Gone are the days of hippy hemp clothing - with a range of hemp fabrics that now span from upholstery quality to bridal fabrics, the door is wide open for many industries to utilise this versatile, earth-friendly fibre.”