Mermaid Breast Oil

Mermaid Breast Oil


Mermaid Breast Oil is a beautiful & nourishing oil for beautiful Breasts. Specifically chosen for their healing properties, these 100% Organic Plant oils, have been alchemically blended to promote healthy breast tissue, balance hormones and support supple skin tone. 

As women, lovers & mothers we often take care of the needs of others, yet rarely take care of ourselves. Historically breasts are a symbol of beauty, fertility and nourishiment... physically they feed our children, metaphysically our breasts are an expression of the heart centre through which we send our feminine energy to our lovers and the universe.

Regular breast massage is a pleasurable self loving Ritual which is vital to female health, bringing much needed self-care into our life. Through conscious daily massage you will generate feelings of beauty, love and self-acceptance - a conscious way to begin your day! 

Additionally daily massage will relive tension, create circulation and stimulate a flow of healthy fluids around breast tissue and lymphatic system. Nourish your breasts with love and experience you unique healing intelligence flowing throughout your body.  

Key Ingredients

  • Frankincense for healthy Thyroid function

  • Clary Sage balances hormones

  • Chamomile lowers Cortisol and calms the nervous system

  • Orange oil for lymphatic drainage and circulation

  • Thyme assists in detoxifying breast tissue

  • Hemp Seed Oil strengthens the Immune System

  • Jasmine is an aphrodisiac and generates feelings of love 


Delicious and fresh, a roll in the floral jasmine garden


Suitable for all skin types and perfect first thing after showering. Apply 2-3 squirts to palm. Smooth into underarm area and over breast. Massage into the lymphatic nodes in armpit and in an inward and upward direction around breast tissue for at least 30 seconds. Repeat other side. 

We love to add in a Myst for this conscious Ritual of self-care. After morning shower, dry skin and spray Wild Divine, Lemurian (or a similar feminine Myst) around your body. This perfumes your body, seals your energy-field for the day and dampens your skin. Apply breast oil and take time to connect with your femininity and your unique expression of who you are...  

We love to bring mermaid oil into the bedroom for a delicious sacred scented massage!

INGREDIENTS [ 100% Certified Organic ] 

Love, Camelia Seed oil, Hemp Seed oil, Black Seed oil, Jojoba oil, Essential Oils*, 24K Gold Ormus

* Essential Oils
Chamomile / Ylang Ylang / Lime / Orange / Rose Otto / Clary Sage / Thyme / Cypress / Frankincense / Jasmine / Lavender / Yarrow / Cinnamon / Sandalwood

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