Hemp Coffee: Espresso Blend

Hemp Coffee: Espresso Blend


Hemp seed rounds off the bitterness found in regular espresso, giving a smoother overall taste. You'll also find the coffee has a hemp aroma and some of the hemp seed oil is retained. Our hemp seed is 100% sustainably Aussie-grown. Seeds are cold-pressed to ensure all their mild, nutty flavour is preserved.

Hello Hemp coffee is primarily South and Central American arabica and is, of course, certified fair-trade organic. There's also a touch of high-grade Indian robusta thrown in to give us the caffeine kick we all know and love. Contrary to popular belief, a premium robusta enhances an espresso's richness and longevity. Italian roasters have been including robusta in their espressos for centuries to fortify the blend as it helps bring out the flavours in the arabica.

This beautiful Hello Hemp espresso hemp blend was created in the coffee capital of the southern hemisphere with the help of award-winning professional tasters (called "cuppers").

Australia's leading hemp espresso with 0.0% THC.

how to brew

Treat me like a normal espresso blend

Keep me in a cool, dark place.

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