Hemp Sliver/Long Fibre/Degummed

Hemp Sliver/Long Fibre/Degummed

from 18.50

This fibre is combed Ideal for textile projects that would use wool tops or roving.

Will dye well, it has a soft beautiful feel.

Use this product for:   

  • Weaving, small toy stuffing, cushions. The fibre is soft absorbent and may be used as a natural stuffing for upholstery, pillows, insulation, and more! Hemp sliver is untwisted drawn out fibres. It's designed for blending, spinning, arts and crafts, paper making, hand spinners.

  • Degummed hemp fibre:

  •  is raw hemp fibre which has been processed to remove the lignin.
    Lignin is a compound in the hemp plant fibres that holds the fibres together and gives the hemp stalks their strength and rigidity.

  • Degummed Hemp Fibre is obtained from industrial hemp, through the crushing of the stems to break it down and separation of the fibres for spinning
    When removed from the fibres, they begin to separate, becoming softer and finer.

  • These fibres are now thin enough for spinning alone or blending with other fibres

  •  Long hemp sliver is the step just before spinning and is used in twine, yarn, cordage, textiles, paper, webbing and household goods.

Make A difference:

  • At the end of this product's life, the hemp sliver is 100% biodegradable, unlike synthetic fabrics or tanned leather. 

Care Tips:

  • Hemp can be washed if used in toys and small items, however washing larger amounts of Hemp, as used in cushions, is not recommended unless absolutely necessary as it can clump. To avoid clumping fluff up the fibre through out the drying process regularly.


  • Please contact us for bulk amounts.

  • 100% Hemp A grade

  • Natural Un-dyed

  • Origin: China

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