Custom Made Hemp Curtains

Custom Made Hemp Curtains


If you require extra long, extra short, extra wide, extra full or cant find what you are looking for custom made hemp curtains may be a solution for you. You will pay a bit more for your curtains than the standard ready made ones.

Why Buy Custom Hemp Curtains?

  • Our hemp custom made curtains are made to your exact window and track widths so there is continuity on each window.

  • Custom made curtains - especially hemp ones - are perfect for extra long windows or extra wide ones, or for windows that don’t meet standard measurements

The Ordering Process - Self Managed

  1. Measure up your curtain track or space > measuring for custom made curtains

  2. Choose your favourite Hemp fabric > order samples here

  3. Select the appropriate quantity of fabric and add them to your shopping cart

  4. Confirm whether you would like the fabric sent directly to your curtain-maker

  5. Your fabric will be delivered to your door or to your curtain maker within 4-5 days

The Ordering Process - Third Party Managed

  1. Contact us via email ( or phone (0435 543 674) to let us know that you are interested in custom made curtains

  2. Once we know your location we will liaise with curtain makers in your area

  3. The curtain maker will work with you directly to measure your space and order the correct amount of fabric

  4. It is up to you, the customer to order the fabric directly through Hemp Gallery, or through the curtain maker

Custom Curtain Option:
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