Hemp Pillowcases

Hemp Pillowcases

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Includes: 2 pillowcases

Our Hemp pillowcases are one of our favourite products and one of the best to invest in. 

Here's why: Hemp is antibacterial, has antiviral properties and incredible breathing abilities so it promotes good sleep, health and wellbeing. It's also ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers. 

Our bed linen range (quilt, sheets & pillows) are manufactured exclusively to our specifications. We blend 55% pure unbleached hemp and 45% certified organic cotton to create a soft, breathable sleep range. 

Hemp Pillowcase sizes

  • Standard double pleat 48 x 76 cm

  • Standard Oxford 54 x 78 cm (with flange border 62 x 85 cm)

  • European 68 x 68 cm (with flange border (75 x 75 cm)

More benefits on Hemp fabrics:

  • Hemp is environmentally sustainable. Meaning it has moderate water requirements and requires little or no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides.

  • Due to its hollow core fibre, hemp fabrics are breathable and are a natural insulator.

  • Did you know that you can use your old (I'm talking really old, these sheets last for decades!) pillowcase or sheet for paper-making? It doesn't leave any toxic residue so it degrades naturally and is recyclable.

  • Out of any natural fabrics, hemp provides the highest UV protections and is protective against UV rays.

  • As hemp is grown and processed without the use of toxic chemicals, there are no irritants for asthma or allergy sufferers. Fabrics are washed at 40˚C and softened with fruit enzymes. In closed spaces such as office buildings, hemp textiles are ideal due to the great air quality it produces.

  • We're always trying to get good value for money, so you'll be happy to know that products made from hemp fabrics last longer and wear better than those made from cotton or synthetics. Hemp is much more durable so you will not need to replace products as often.

Where was this hemp grown? 

Our Hemp is grown in Greenland and made into yarn.

Where was this product made?

The yarn is sent to China and weaved into fabric


GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

Control Union Certified

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Organic Blended Content Standard

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