Small scale farmers cool the world

Local hemp farmers helping the environment

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When Ray and I started our Hemp Gallery business 15 years ago, we firmly believed that the hemp industry was part of the solution for Australia’s environmental and economic challenges because industrial hemp farming  is a regenerative organic agriculture — healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people. It's a WIN-WIN-WIN solution!

Fifteen years down the track, there is an ever growing number of industrial hemp farmers around Australia who provide the raw materials for building materials, plastics, wood replacement products, fuel, textiles, food and medicine, some of which are readily available on the market. Unfortunately Australia is the only country in the world where hemp is not allowed for sale as food, although FSANZ has approved it as a nutritious superfood.

On a daily basis, we're bombarded with media reports of environmental disasters, on so many levels. Being of practical nature, I keep saying to myself:  "We are aware of those problems and there are more and more groups and organisations being formed around the world to tackle those problems. Surely we can all work together to find solutions and make a difference for the good of all?" As compassionate people, it is difficult for us to stand by and watch the constant ‘fear’ we are bombarded with and one can't help but want to do something to help.

After watching a short 17-minute documentary produced by the Fair World Project, which I found so inspiring and empowering, I realised that 'Living consciously’ is the answer!

Time to start living consciously

How can we make a difference when living in a city like Sydney? Well, we have the power of numbers and the consumer $$$ to make a difference!

  • Inform and empower ourselves — be aware of where your food and products come from, how they are grown; read all labels especially food, much more closely when you shop; don't buy anything produced unethically or in a manner that harms our environment and subsequently, your health!
  • Shop local — farmers markets are great for quality, service and atmosphere plus you will contribute to growing the local economy and not large overseas conglomerates
  • Grow your own food and trade with friends —A basic veggie garden is great 15 minute therapy after a hard day's work!

By living consciously, everyone of us can make a difference in the world!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead

Best to all, Beatrice