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Your prayers have been answered! We are now proud to be stocking Australia's first premium blend of 100% Organic Hemp Seed Coffee!

Hemp seed does two things to coffee. Hemp seed tastes like a cross between a sunflower seed and a pine nut, which gives Hello Hemp coffee a nutty, herbaceous flavour.

Think back to chai latte when you first tried it. This is a brand new taste experience you've never had before - the only way for you to know the taste is to try it. Hemp seed also contains a high amount of protein, which counteracts the bitterness of coffee. This means that both of Hello Hemp's blends are smoother than traditional coffees.

Creating the vision of an environmentally sustainable future for all utilising the amazing fibre that is Hemp.
We believe every day should be appreciated with not a moment taken for granted. From the second you wake up, through a busy day, to an evening at home, our products greet you in the morning and put you to bed at night.
They are your lived in luxury. Something you use everyday and enjoy every single time.

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