Hemp Protein Powder - 43 Protein

Hemp Protein Powder - 43 Protein

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What is it?

43% hemp protein powder (non-organic) gives you the complete range of essential amino acids, is bioavailable and easily digested. It is also gluten free, hypo allergenic and rich in vitamins and minerals. Suited to vegans, vegetarians and health conscious consumers, hemp protein powder is also very popular with body builders. 

What's in it?

500g of pure concentrated hemp protein. Legislation requires us to state; Not for internal use in Australia and New Zealand.

Where does it come from?

We source our hemp protein powder from an Australian based family run company called Made in Hemp. They have been exclusively distributing premium Canadian grown certified organic hemp seed products. They are planning to switch to Australian grown products as soon as we are able to guarantee the quality, consistency and availability. We are working towards this and can see it happening soon. 

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