Warialda - Artists Canvas

Warialda - Artists Canvas


Price is per linear metre. 

SKU: 1861844

Colours available: Natural Rye

Weave: 100% Raw Hemp, naturally coloured rye, unsoftened

Warialda has more texture then GinGin and is perfect for Landscape paintings. Great painters like Gainsborough and Van Gogh used hemp canvas and indeed the word canvas derives from the word cannabis. Modern canvasses are usually made from cotton and linen.                                 

This fabrics has NOT been softened with fruit enzymes, hot washed or rinsed to preshrink.  This Hemp fabrics has no surface treatments and is ready for stretching and Gesso.

Naturally antibacterial hemp is suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

Width: 150cm  /  Weight: 745.93 GSM

Care instructions: Class 5 Heavy Duty Commercial- Dry Cleaning recommended- 2% possible shrinkage. Wet wash 40˚degrees- 5-8% possible shrinkage

If weight, handle or colour matching is essential please order a sample online.

Where was this hemp grown? 

Our Hemp is grown in Greenland and made into yarn.

Where was this product made?

The yarn is sent to China and weaved into fabric


GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard

Control Union Certified

Organic Content Standard (OCS)

Organic Blended Content Standard

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