Bespoke Fabric Designs by St James Whitting

Bespoke Fabric Designs by St James Whitting


The Elementals Collection, designed by St James Whitting and printed on Hemp Gallery’s hemp fabrics is for the lover of luxury in all of us.

A range of fabrics available in bespoke colours, using the beautiful elemental designs to provide designers, architects and home enthusiasts an opportunity for cohesion in their homes and projects.

All except for Mixed Bunch and Wildflowers are available in different colour combinations with bespoke colours and fabrics.

Information about the designs

Stones: Pieces of rock that have been smoothed and refined by the gentle hands of time. Bold organic and graphic, this contemporary design brings the magic of monochrome to any interior.

Ripples: A small series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by a slight breeze or object dropping onto it.

Kindling Sticks: small pieces of wood and twigs used to start a fire. The kindlings of love. This original artwork

Rose Cactus: Echeveria Crassulaceae or Rose Cactus is a beautiful succulent flower shaped like a rose. It’s organic yet geometric shape lends itself to contemporary or classic interiors

Mixed bunch: A mixed bunch of floral beauty celebrating the glorious colours of nature.

Firespikes: The Firespike (Odontonema strictum) is found in Kate’s garden in northern NSW. It has fabulous large, lush, shiny leaves and in late summer and autumn produces plumes of blood red, glossy spikes of flowers.

Wildflowers: Wildflowers inspired by the designers love of nature and brilliant colours that are found in flora reveals a naturally found palette of rich sunburst ochre and tangerine.


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