Eco prints

Our not so standard range of eco print products have funny, beautiful, artistic and even some risqué prints ready for use.

Some printed products, which are all ideal for printing, include:

  • Tea towels
  • Bags
  • T-shirts
  • Natural and coloured fabrics

Our Eco printing services are perfect for the small volume (less than 50) market and the large volume corporate market.

See some of the examples we have displayed and for those who want a unique product, design your own.  we make individuality easier and cheaper than you think.  For that truly unique self-expression go to Dare to be different.

What are Eco prints?

All our prints are placed on eco-friendly fabrics and materials using low Volatile Organic Compounds "VOC" dyes.  Many are made in Australia and printed here in Sydney.  Larger volumes may require, for economic purposes, to be printed over seas.  However, the same strict standards apply and we only use internationally recognised certified suppliers and manufacturers.

Whilst we do not have minimum volumes, the greater the number the lower the unit price.