Benefits of Bamboo

Bamboo Clothing

It’s hard to imagine that a plant known for its hard exterior could be shaped into one of the softest, most hypo-allergenic clothes on this planet – but it’s true. Bamboo clothing is now a fabric favourite, loaded with personal and environmental benefits.

A super silky and hypo-allergenic choice

The famous smoothness of bamboo clothing starts during the process of pulping where the bamboo fibres remain naturally smoother and rounder, resulting in a soft, luxurious feel.

The plant-to-fabric method also means that no tiny spurs are generated on the fibre, therefore avoiding any irritation to the skin. This is welcome news to allergy sufferers, putting bamboo at the top of the list of hypo-allergenic clothing.Benefits of Bamboo

Breathable and thermo-controlled

Bamboo clothing is warm in winter and cool in summer. This is down to its hollow micro-fibre, trapping air within the garment, insulating and cooling as your body demands. 

It’s these micro cavities that makes bamboo clothing very breathable, inviting air to circulate wicking away moisture and keeping you drier for longer… even beating cotton! 

Here’s another potent reason to fill your wardrobe with bamboo – it has a natural anti-bacterial agent that keeps you fresher and odour-free for longer.

Environmental benefits

Here’s where bamboo is a super product – and we mean with a cape and all! Bamboo is super sustainable because when it’s harvested, it isn’t taken from the ground but cut at the stem, allowing the plant to regrow without the need to replant. Some bamboo even grows over one metre per day!

Bamboo contains a natural pest resistant within its DNA allowing it to flourish without the need for any pesticides or fertilisers.

It also thrives on just rain water. Very little, if any additional watering is needed. 

What bamboo does love lots of is carbon dioxide, sucking in more than cotton or timber and releasing a third more oxygen when compared to the same amount of trees. And when you’re done with your garment, gift it back to Mother Nature – 100% bamboo clothing is 100% biodegradable.

Our bamboo clothing

It’s hypo-allergenic clothing with that silky bamboo feeling from your tops to your toes…

Our Bamboo Women’s Singlets can be dressed up or casually. Our T-shirts are great for helping your body breath in summer, and thin enough to layer in the cooler months.

Our Long-sleeve Fitted T’s feel so smooth on the skin, they’re perfect for the start of a layered combo. 

While Hemp Gallery’s Bamboo Leggings are loved by women and men. The super comfy fit means we often see them worn out and about as much as in fitness sessions and casual weekend attire.

Our bamboo Socks


Of all the personal issues that can really stigmatise us, foot odour has to be up there as one of the biggies.

Strange, considering it doesn’t need to be such a big problem: not since the advent of bamboo socks. They fight the good fight, taking on bacteria and fungal threats, allowing you to safely remove shoes at the door and play tootsie with your ‘someone special’.

Bamboo’s soft and serious side

Not only do bamboo socks make you feel like you’re walking on lovely carpet all day, they allow feet to breathe and cool, which is ultra-important considering there are 250,000 sweat glands in your feet. 

Bamboo socks naturally wick away moisture far better than cotton, allowing for easier evaporation and helping to avoid health issues like tinea. In fact if you have a sensitive skin condition, bamboo socks are perfect for you because they’re naturally hypo-allergenic, smoothing over the skin and avoiding aggravation. Worn a hole in your bamboo sock?  If it’s 100% bamboo, lay it on your garden for 100% biodegradability.

So many socks for hundreds of feet

Hemp Gallery stocks a wonderful mix of bamboo socks:

  • From Extra Thick Bamboo Socks to thin Bamboo Dress Socks, suitable for both women and men
  • Comfort Business Socks with padding to the soles, toes and heels, designed for everyday wear
  • Our Bamboo Charcoal Health Socks absorb toxins through the soles of your feet and have a loose collar to allow for non-restricted circulation
  • The Charcoal Hiker is powerfully anti-bacterial with a bamboo and charcoal combination
  • For good grip on smooth surfaces or during your yoga class, consider our Bamboo Yoga Grip Socks
  • Our Bamboo Sports Ped Sock is worn with sports shoes or sneakers and made in most colours to match school uniforms
  • While the Invisisocks Quarter is made for your comfort but is invisible to everyone else

Bamboo Underwear


It’s a simple message and nobody else says it quite like us… ‘Bottoms LOVE bamboo underwear!’

Bamboo is so beautifully soft and silky that once you’re in a pair of Hemp Gallery natural fibre bamboo underwear, you’ll wish you’d tried them years ago.

A soft, hypo-allergenic touch

A soft touch (but no pushover for durability), bamboo underwear is renowned as one of the softest fabrics on the planet. A light fabric that’s still strong and practical, you’ll feel the smooth comfort immediately and then forget about it as they do their job and you get on with yours.

Many allergy sufferers can also breathe a sigh of relief when wearing this natural fibre underwear – it’s hypo-allergenic, avoiding irritation. Plus it breathes beautifully, wicking away moisture far more effectively than cotton and going a long way to calming an episode of eczema. 

Thermally regulated

Insulation and ventilation especially matter in underwear. If you spend a few hours on the sporting field, in the gym or even as mum/dad’s taxi on a weekend, you’ll feel the difference with our bamboo underwear. The hollow micro-fibres allow them to thermally regulate, reacting to the needs of your skin. If you’re cold, they get warmer. Too hot, and the heat is wicked away.

You can’t overestimate our bamboo underwear

Hemp Gallery’s baby-soft bamboo underwear is the answer to sweat-free, allergy-free lightweight comfort in an underpant. The natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties promise added peace of mind.

Hemp Gallery has natural fibre underwear for men and women. 

The Women’s Boyleg bamboo underwear comes in five colour choices and sizes 8 through to 16.

Men get to enjoy a contemporary styled trunk in eight colours and in sizes Small to XXX Large.


Nicole Parker