Plastic Free Ideas You’ve Never Thought Of

Many of you are already reducing single use plastic by using a reusable coffee cup, produce bags, water bottles, and a stainless steel straw. But here are some new plastic free product ideas you might never have thought of:

Shampoo bar instead of shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles!

Swap your shampoo in a bottle for a shampoo bar packaged in paper or nothing at all, and swap your conventional conditioner for apple cider vinegar that you’ve filled up at a bulk food store or bought in a glass bottle.

Have you tried using a natural shampoo bar but don’t like the way it leaves your hair feeling afterwards? It takes around four washes with a shampoo bar to remove the built up product, so keep persisting. Rinse your hair with four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar diluted in one litre of warm water after shampooing and do not use conventional conditioner.

Good old-fashioned bar of hemp soap instead of liquid soap in a plastic pump bottle!

It’s time to embrace once again a humble, good quality, hemp soap bar. Hemp Gallery Soap Bars are free from palm oil, so you can be certain that our soaps have not contributed to the death or harm of orang-utans and other animals in the South East Asia. They are also packed full of hemp seed oil, natural clays and essential oils. 

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Using a Hemp Everything Cloth to remove makeup instead of disposable cotton pads.

Did you know you can clean your face with just water and a sponge? Our 'naked' (packaging free) Everything Cloths allow you to do just that. Just add water (substitute for a cleansing oil or make-up removing liquid) and massage gently around your face. Each cloth lasts for years with daily use and can be repurposed when finished.

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Truly green hemp bag instead of polypropylene “green bags”!

Did you know that the “green bags” you pick up from the supermarket are still made from polypropylene (a type of plastic) and won’t break down at the end of their life.  In fact, you have to use a supermarket green bag at least 104 times to make a difference to the environment because they take more material and energy to produce than single-use plastic bags. The problem is, however, because they are so cheap and poor quality we tend to discard them before that many uses.

Our Hemp Shopper Bags are made from 55% Hemp and 45% Cotton, are sturdy, biodegradable and will last for years. They are not lined and can be slung over the shoulder for easy usage.

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Reusable hemp cleaning cloths instead of disposable sponges

Another 'naked' (packaging free) product for you are our Hemp Twine Cleaning and Wash Cloths. Available in both square and round, these cleaning cloths are great for getting in the down and dirty, without damaging your dinnerware!

Shop Hemp Twine Cleaning and Wash Cloths here

Get rid of your plastic wrap and use Hemp Beeswax Wraps!

Jump on the bandwagon, do your produce a favour and get some beeswax wraps! Ours are super special because it's made from our anti-bacterial hemp fabrics. 

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