about hemp gallery

Beatrice Kuyumgian-Rankin and Nicole Parker for Hemp Gallery Australia

Hemp Gallery is an Australia based company that believes that environmentally sustainable economic development is vital for the future of our planet. Founded by Ray and Beatrice Rankin in the late 90's with the vision of doing some good in the world. After discovering that Hemp could offer all our basic needs; food, clothing, shelter and fuel in an environmentally sustainable way, they realised that the Hemp Industry was a perfect fit for their personal philosophy. Passionate in their belief of the future and value of Hemp as an environmentally benevolent agricultural resource, Hemp is their future.

Our vision

Our vision here at Hemp Gallery is for hemp to be used to provide environmentally sustainable raw material, processed with basic equipment into food, clothing, housing and fuel, giving self-sufficiency and independence.  Hemp as a profitable crop for drought stricken Australian cotton and rice farmers due to Hemp's modest water needs and no agricultural chemical requirements with diverse industrial applications.  The hemp market is rapidly expanding world-wide and everyone who purchases a Hemp product is casting a vote for an environmentally sustainable future with their consumer dollar and we thank you for your support!