About Hemp Gallery

Hemp Gallery - background

Hemp Gallery Australia Pty Ltd "Hemp Gallery" is an Australian based and operated business. Our business started in the late 90's with the vision of doing some good in the world. We believe that environmentally sustainable economic development is vital for the future of our planet. After discovering that, Hemp, could offer all our basic needs; food, clothing, shelter and fuel in an environmentally sustainable way, we realised the Hemp industry was a perfect fit for our personal philosophy. We are passionate in our belief in the future of and the value of Hemp as an environmentally benevolent agricultural resource.

Our vision

Is for Hemp used to provide environmentally sustainable raw material, processed with basic equipment into food, clothing, housing and fuel, giving self-sufficiency and independence.  Hemp as a profitable crop for drought stricken Australian cotton and rice farmers due to Hemp's modest water needs and no agricultural chemical requirements with diverse industrial applications.  The hemp market is rapidly expanding world-wide and everyone who purchases a Hemp product is casting a vote for an environmentally sustainable future with their consumer dollar and we thank you for your support!

Informational talks

To raise awareness of this great plant, we are available for informational talks at schools, universities, technical schools, radio, television and indeed anywhere there is an audience.

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What our clients say about us

From time to time we, at Hemp Gallery, receive product feedback from our client base. We would like to share the latest with you:

I have been an appreciator of Hemp clothing and related products now since the late 1990’s when I first found a hemp store in Katoomba NSW. Whilst the clothing and the soap are especially great, I have found the hemp sheets to be of a quality unmatched by mainstream commercial brands available today. I purchased a king size set of fitted sheets in 2001 in the natural hemp colour and these sheets are still in an as new condition almost 10 years later. Great for winter and a great alternative to flannelette sheets which often have a tendency to ‘ball’ after multiple use and washing. I would highly recommend the hemp sheets and hemp products in general to all who are interested in following their instincts rather than following the norm. ~ Brett Jacobson, CEO Top Gear